Down The Machine – Everything I Am Not

down the machine single cover

Caveat: don’t judge a band’s entire output based on one “free” song.

This tune, “Everything I Am Not”, by West Yorkshire UK’s Down The Machine, sounds like a cross between industrial bands like Nine Inch Nails, grunge type outfits like Alice In Chains, and modern rock outfits like Audioslave.

The song has elements of industrial, post-goth, ambient, pop and rock all neatly incorporated.

It seems to be well produced, nicely mixed, and well balanced.

If this one song embodies everything they are – then the record, due out in 2014, will appeal to fans of grunge, alt rock, and industrial.


Band Lineup:
Danny Millikin
David Preston
Darren Johnson
Steve Wilson

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Official Band Soundcloud Page

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