Dirty Shirt unveil the cover artwork for ‘Dirtylicious’

Dirty Shirt  DirtyliciousDIRTY SHIRT have posted on its official Facebook page the cover of their upcoming album, “Dirtylicious” , signed by the Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13Media). Costin is one of the most appreciated designers in the world, having collaborated in the past with names like At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Primordial etc.

“Dirtylicious” promises to be one of the most interesting and groundbreaking releases on the Romanian and European metal stage. The band managed to build a completely new musical vocabulary, based on a sonic skeleton made up of Dirty Shirt’s unique blend of genres.

Even if we encounter the first experiments with this brand of fusion metal on the previous releases of the band, which included hits like “Bad Apples”, “Freak Show” or “Saraca Inima Me” , “Dirtylicious” will take everything a step further. The album is built on folk elements, and the studio sessions were done with artists who are masters of traditional instruments, like violin, clarinet, accordion, dulcimer and many more. Together, these musicians form the Transylvanian Folkcore Orchestra.

An instrumental preview of the album can be heard below.

2015 starts off as a great year for Dirty Shirt, who is invited to perform at the most important festivals in Romania – Rockstadt Extreme Fest, and Romanian Rock Meeting, alongside some of the most important international names in the industry.Dirty Shirt Romanian Rock Meeting

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