Dirty Rose – Demo ep

It’s always nice to get a press pack through the post with a difference; this one came with a lighter. This would have been ideal, however I stopped smoking on New Years day, so I gave it to my mate, he likes it.

Since forming in 2007 Dirty Rose have played all over the UK including sharing the stage with estalished bands such as:

Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden) GUN, Heavens Basement.Viking Skull and Voodoo Six.

They played the Rock of ages fest 2009 (Praying Mantis, Marya Roxx, Powerquest, House of Lords)

The band were also featured on the front cover cd of UK metal magazine Terrorizer (Nov 2010). The band have also received regular airplay on radio stations such as Rock Radio Scotland.

I first saw this band in Glasgow at the final of the HardRockHell battle of the bands competition, and though they didn’t win a place on the young blood stage at HardrockHell IV, they kept touring and eventually secured a spot at this years Hammerfest festival.

The first song, Call To Arms is an instrumental with a machine gun fire drumming track overlaid with a soaring guitar which sets up the second song, Straight From Hell, a pounding rhythm section drives this track on, with some nice chunky riffing make this a stand out thrash track.

The final track, Living Societys Disease follows much in the same vein, a nice guitar riff, with a catchy chorus.

A good demo this, 7/10 

Website and info here  dirtyrose

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