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Dirt Box Disco
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On 3 April 2014
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A great third album from Dirt Box Disco a must have for fans of bands like Anti-Nowhere League and Slaughter and the Dogs. Packed with riffs and some well crafted lyrics.

Formed in November 2009 Dirt Box Disco started out for a laugh with the intention of doing three shows only. People who saw them, liked them and they kept on getting bookings. Nearly five years later they are still here and set to release their third album Bloonz on 26th April 2014, with album launch shows at The Zombie Hut, Corby on 26th April and at The Star and Garter, Manchester on 27th April. Numerous shows and an appearance at Rebellion Festvial, Blackpool in August are also already planned for Dirt Box Disco in 2014. Their star is rising, as their track Freaks from second album PEOPLEMADEOFPAPER can be heard on Rimmel’s new TV advert for ‘Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves’ featuring none other than supermodel, Kate Moss.

Packed with riffs and some well crafted lyrics Bloonz opens with Standing in a Queue, about the awkward moment when you see someone you like but daren’t speak to, proof that even hard core Punks can be shy underneath the mohicans and safety pins. A great start, melodic and catchy with a strong drumbeat and some dirty riffs thrown in. Weab obviously sings lead but having reviewed their balaclaved guitarist, Spunk Volcano’s EP recently I can pick out his backing vocals clearly on this one.

We are the Rejects started a bit I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges then sped up to something more akin to We are the League by Anti-Nowhere League meets Beat the Bastards by The Exploited. Including lyrics like ‘We are disappointment, the fly in your ointment’ and more riffage. ‘We are the rejects. Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh’ but whoa I’m definitely not rejecting or ejecting Bloonz! I picked up Blondie along the way with a bit of a Dreaming vibe in 9 Lives. Welcome to Hell with it’s Let’s Goes was like some hellish cross between Hey Ho Let’s Go by The Ramones and Let’s Go by Vardis. Welcome to Hell I hope you like it here, I hope you stay! Hell ain’t a bad place to be with Dirt Box Disco in your CD player!

Golden Frame reminded me of The Offspring’s Want You Bad and then like all good things we come to the end with We’re Going Out Tonight the shortest track at under two minutes long and I thought of We’re Going Down the Pub by Sham 69 although this is shorter, faster and has no Harry to hurry up! Highlights tracks, for me, are We are the Rejects, Welcome to Hell and We’re Going Out Tonight. Bloonz is a great third album from Dirt Box Disco and whilst they are good on vinyl (as was) they are brilliant live and a must see for any fan of bands like Anti-Nowhere League and Slaughter and the Dogs so go and get Spunked at a venue near you as soon as!

Track List: –

1: Standing in a Queue
2: We are the Rejects
3: Rewind and Eject
4: Bullshit
5: King of the Castle
6: 9 Lives
7: Welcome to Hell
8: I Swapped my Brain
9: Supreme and Gobshite
10: She Goes Out
11: Golden Frame
12: We’re Going Out Tonight

Band Members: –

Main Vocal – Weab.I.Am
Guitar + Vocal – Spunk Volcano
Drums + Vocal – Maff Fazzo
Lead Guitar + Vocal – Danny Fingers
Bass + Vocal – Deadbeatz Chris


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DIRT-BOX-DISCO/129060477115572

Website: http://www.dirtboxdisco.co.uk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dirtboxdisco

STP Records Website: http://www.stprecords.co.uk/

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A great third album from Dirt Box Disco a must have for fans of bands like Anti-Nowhere League and Slaughter and the Dogs. Packed with riffs and some well crafted lyrics.

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