Diamond Head – Lightning To The Nations *deluxe edition*


Deluxe edition is certainly an understatement of this dbl cd digipack which also includes a 16 page booklet charting Diamond Head’s history to the present day written by Dave Everly with comments by guitarist Brian Tatler,one of the founder members and the only one remaining in the current line up.It is packed with old concert and promo photos and the cover is a print of their 1981 debut album.There has never been an official title but has been known over the years as Lightning To The Nations or The White Album as initial pressings were of a 1000 copies in a plain white cover,signed by each member of the band and was only available at gigs or on mail order for just £3.50.Original Diamond Head line up :-

Sean Harris-Vocals.
Colin Kimberley-Bass
Brian Tatler-Guitar.
Duncan Scott-Drums.
Disc One consists of the classic 1st album which has never got the media respect it deserves.Probably the track that most people really know is the epic Am I Evil from hearing it covered by Metallica.The album influenced them to such an extent that they have over the years,covered a further 4 tracks off the album:The Prince,Its Electric,Sucking My Love and Helpless.There is a well known true story that Lars Ulrich saw an advert in a UK music magazine called Sounds in 1980 selling Lightning To The Nations.The address was Sean Harris’ mothers house and he struck up a friendship with Sean.When Diamond Head toured the UK in 81,a very young Lars flew from his home in San Francisco to see them at the Woolwich Odeon in London.He managed to get backstage after the gig and explain he had nowhere to sleep that night so he stayed with Brian Tatler in Birmingham and was allowed to spend the next few weeks on the tour and eventually mixed the Best Of Diamond Head album for them in 1999!
Many of the classic thrash metal bands today cite Diamond Head as a major influence,the point proven at the UK Sonisphere Festival on Friday,July 8th this year at Knebworth House.Over 80,000 people saw Metallica close the day’s events which featured sets from the so called “Big 4”,a media term for Metallica,Slayer,Megadeth and Anthrax.At the end of their set,Metallica were joined onstage by some of the other 3 bands and Brian Tatler stood next to James Hetfield with his customary white Flying V guitar.Following a speech by Lars explaining to the crowd the influence Brian had on them,James Hetfield bowed down to his knees.That performance of Am I Evil can be seen on youtube.

Disc 1 track listing:-

Lightning To The Nations.
The Prince.
Sucking My Love.
Am I Evil.
Sweet And Innocent.
It’s Electric.

Onto Disc 2 which really is a fan’s dream to have the singles altogether on 1 cd.It features A and B sides and kicks off with their 1st ever 45rpm release Shoot Out The Lights in 1980 on Happy Face music.It had no picture cover and the B side was Helpless.

Disc 2 track listing:-

Shoot Out The Lights.
Streets Of Gold (B side of Sweet And Innocent).
Waited Too Long/Play It Loud (Dbl A side).
Diamond Lights/We Wont Be Back (Dbl A side).
I Dont Got (B side of Diamond Lights).

Lightning To The Nations was mastered by Andy Pearce and is available now via Universal Music Operations Limited.

I award the 2cds 10/10.

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