Destruction – Audio, Glasgow – 10/10/2014

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The Thrash metal party was back in town! The heavy armada of thrash metallers hit the Glasgow on the perfect time – Friday’s evening. Audio club was sweating, moshing, drinking loads of beer and and totally destroying the place together with Destruction and their faithful metal minions: Evil Invaders, Lost Society and Shrapnel.

Evil Invaders
Evil Invaders

Belgium hyperactive thrashers Evil Invaders stormed out onto the stage right around at 7 pm. As they started their groovy energetic set, audience could not stay calm: moshpit appeared right from the start. Young lads on the stage were very talkative and active, bassist seemed to be slightly bossy, making his own order in a pit, which was obeyed by the audience. Set was not too long and some half an hour later I was all about looking for gunpowder on the stage, which might have left after these bad-asses.

The packed Audio club had a great old school metal atmosphere in the air – lots of long-haired guys in jeans and jackets, covered in patches, white sneakers, kick-ass thrash metal variety on the stage, beer and good time, which was proved by the fact that nobody was looking to the watch…

Time for Lost Society, Finnish guys from the other side of the Europe with no less evil energy. Another young but definitely ass kicking super groovy thrash/speed metal team continued what Evil Invaders started. Guys were so amazed by Glaswegian audience, that almost in the every between the songs, were praising the ones standing before them. And when the guy in red costume appeared in the crowd, the vocalist Samy Elbanna had nothing else to do, as say as “Oh My

Lost Society
Lost Society

Fucking God! Bring that guy to the stage!”. For those, who are not so much familiar with the band – two red guys appeared as the main characters in the official Lost Society “Terror Hungry” video clip. The red guys helped the band around for the song, called “Braindead Metalhead” and jumped back to the pit. Not after a long time Samy Elbanna followed him performing stage dive. After this madness, when the whole concert was already in middle of the run, it was easy to say, that pretty much everyone in Audio club that night were going nuts.

If there was a time for UK based team, then Norwich thrash metallers Shrapnel were to use the time just right after Lost Society sweaty madness. A little less groovy, more reserved (compared to the first two acts) but very powerful and heavy, definitely different sound quality thrash metal stuff with slight hints of death metal. Audience was quite supportive but not as energetic as during the previous two bands shows, most likely recharging themselves for the main act.

Shrapnel setlist:
Kingdom Come
Red Terror


Eternal War

Gig started to slow down a little bit with the long break  between the shows of Shrapnel and Destruction themselves. Thrash metal grands from Germany were not so in the hurry and faithful fans were quite impatiently waiting closely as possible to the stage, which was decorated with Destruction flags, banner and fancy skull microphones. When the very symphonic and solemn intro finished, trio appeared on the stage in the shadows of the red lights and huge amount of stroblights, which were quite too much for the pocket size club. If there is impossible to watch the stage, then the moshpit is a must! At the very instant of the thrash metal riffs, the chaos from one wall to another, leading to the doors, began. Destruction set was approximately one hour and half long, with several intros, instrumental solos and wishlist for the audience. Wishlist was something very amusing for everyone. After long talks, refusing to play cover songs and hard decisions, “Death Trap” was the one to play. There was a special song for the metalhead ladies, who came that night to the show – “Carnivore”, which is the official video clip and track from their last album “Spiritual Genocide”. Towards the end of the show, crowd seemed a little weary and too tired to mosh but faithfully enjoyed the full set and actively invited the band back for the encore.


Destruction definitely picked up awesome fellows for the tour line-up and made one hell of the brilliant show in Glasgow, promising to come back next year with tour again. I bet people will be looking forward to it!

Destruction setlist:
Total Desaster
Thrash Till Death
Nailed to the Cross
Mad Butcher
Black Death
Eternal Ban
Life Without Sense
Spiritual Genocide
Beyond Eternity
Release from Agony
Hate Is My Fuel
Thrash Attack
Death Trap
Bestial Invasion
Curse the Gods
The Butcher Strikes Back
Ave Satani outro


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