Demon Bitch – Hellfriends

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Demon Bitch

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On 16 September 2016
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Paying homage to the gods of old.

This new band hail from America and are paying homage to the gods of old whilst keeping their own identity. Demon Bitch formed in 2011 and play in a style which fuses podemonwer metal and high octane speed metal with dexterity and passion. The playing is superb, however the production is what may put you off on first listen. The album really needs to be lived with for a while to get accustomed to the murky production of yesteryear.  Don’t get me wrong it has its charm, and once you get used to it the magic in the grooves really starts to shine through. The opening track “Warning” kicks in with no overblown intros, just straight ahead riffs with a plethora of melodies firing off underneath until hitting the mid way point when the speed picks up with solos and a singalong chorus. The vocals are eccentric, quirky, unusual and a bit jarring until you become at ease with them, they will give the sort of shock you had when you first heard Cirith Ungol or Satan’s Host.  “Fortune” as a track gives a wide range of tempos and the mid paced sections again showcase the guitar playing which is capable of blinding solos and interesting rhythms which go far beyond the normal offerings.

The “Microdome” is the big showcase on here, acoustic intro with tasteful solo before bringing in the powerchords and a more epic feel before taking off into solos and more pacey sections. The structure is involved, with multiple sections bringing to mind the likes of Maiden. Again the sticking point is going to be the production, whether this is due to lack of funds or the chosen sound remains to be seen. Do not let this put you off, immerse yourself in it and ultimately you should find it rewarding.


  1. Warning from the Skies
  2. Devil Love
  3. A Passage to the Other Side
  4. Beneath the Ice Caves
  5. Hellfriends
  6. Fortunes Told
  7. The Microdome


Band Members

Reverend Ceckowski – Drums

Lord Mars – Guitars, Keyboards

Solon “C.S. Lewis” Saton – Guitars, Additional vocals

Logon Saton – Lead Vocals




Paying homage to the gods of old.

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