Delain – Cathouse Glasgow – 01/05/2011 (Gig)

Female fronted Dutch symphonic rockers ‘Delain’ delivered a powerful performance Glasgows’ iconic venue, The Cathouse. Compared to Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil, Delain are one of the newest talents to emerge into the symphonic music scene and do well with the mixture of classical vocals contrasting with heavy guitar riffs and prog-rock overtones.

Delain, fronted by stunning vocalist Charlotte Wessels were found on their second European Tour to be introducing yet another new member; Timo Somens on guitar. The April Rain tour is Somens’ first live appearance with the band and he definitely earned his place on the stage, playing a near to note-perfect set.

Delain opened with new track ‘Manson’ the first of three new tracks to be performed during the set that is to be recorded for the third album after completion of the European tour. Working through crowd familiar favourites;  ‘Stay Forever’, ‘April Rain’ and ‘Shattered’ really got movement and life from the crowd however technical difficulties resulted in breaks between the songs  A further two new tracks were performed both currently under the working title category; ‘Get the Devil Out of Me’ and ‘Milk and Honey’, it is clear from these tracks and the opening track ‘Manson’ that the third release by Delain will be heavier than the previous releases of Lucidity and April Rain, a sound that suits and pleases the listeners, one to really push Delain up to the level that both Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil have worked hard to acheive.

The show came to a close with a brief encore with ‘The Gathering’ throughout which the crowd were showered with silver tinsel. From tonight’s performance it is quite clear the main attraction is stunning vocalist, Charlotte Wessels, who was on perfect form  hitting perfection with each note. Excusing the slight technical difficulties with sound, Delain played an overall near perfect performance, the downside being the  waves of atmosphere and crowd response peaking only at the familiar songs.  Delain still have a few more steps to accomplish before a definite comparison to the likes of Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil is justified.


Set List

Stay Forever
Get The Devil Out of Me
April Rain
Go Away
Milk and Honey
Silhouette of a Dancer
Virtue and Vice


The Gathering

Photo Credit: Mark Goody (all images taken)

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