Deathstars – The Cathouse, Glasgow – 04/11/2014

It is a tendency that the best gigs in Glasgow keep happening during the week when most people are working. When the time for Deathstars to hit the town it was no different, however people where lining up outside The Cathouse on the first Tuesday evening in November. The Swedesare on the Claws Through Europe Tour and brought a company with themselves – the band, called The Dead And Living. Evening looked to be very promising and solid, not overcrowded with bands as well.

The Dead And The Living
The Dead And The Living

The Dead And Living from Sweden were the first to hit The Cathouse stage as there were no local bands to open the gig. They did it just right half an hour later since the club opened doors for fans. Fans were gathering and by the time the first band finished their set, the club was quite full with black goth and slightly mixed audience. Slightly passive in movements but still with catchy blend of gothic rock, punk and hints of deathrock was indeed what was needed to warm up Deathstars. The vocalist seemed to be very talkative, sometimes even too much and yet, entertaining: “ We will play the next song and then you can have sex Deathstars! ”. After these words the band crowned their 40 min set with song, called “Black Satin” and left the stage.





The stage was cleared out and prepared for the evening stars in a little bit more than half an hour.  Deathstars started with fantastic full drive energy, which kept through the whole show. The opening track “Temple Of The Insects” from the new album gave the idea what this all show is about. Since the band has released new album “Perfect Cult” this year, they had prepared not only the mixture of great old songs but presented this new album as well.

Outstandingly active band on the stage forced to move pretty much everyone in the club. The vocalist Whiplasher didn’t seem to enjoy screaming girls, so he was hushing them in between the songs: “…as you were in your parents room”. Four guys gave all energy they had, leading bassist Skinny take of the shirt because the heat coming up. The audience looked quite supportive although, when the band headed off the stage, people were quite passive to call them back for the encore. Still, Deathstars came back for three more killer tracks to end the sweaty dark show and lead people to sing with them together.

Hour and 15 minutes flew away incredibly fast and this Swedes  Deathstars were off the stage. Outstanding energy, lyrical and tangled in the mic wire  Whiplasher, Skinny’s grim face, smiling guitarist and quite serious drummer – all together yet another one unforgettably dark rock’n’roll evening in Glasgow. Deathstars is definitely a charming live band and Glasgow gig proved it again.

Deathstars setlist:
Temple of the Insects
New Dead Nation
All the Devil’s Toys
Death Dies Hard
Synthetic Generation
The Perfect Cult
The Greatest Fight on Earth
Night Electric Night
Play God
Blood Stains Blondes

Fire Galore


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