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On 29 December 2020
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Ross The Boss returns with all guns blazing!

Ross The Boss is back with a vengeance as he unleashes Conquered Lands, the third studio album from Death Dealer via AFM and Steel Cartel Records. The quality shown from previous releases Warmaster and Hallowed Ground continues throughout these songs mainly from the astonishing drumming from Steve Bolognese as his footwork knows no boundaries.

The twin guitar intro from album opener ‘Sorceror Supreme’ leads into the first drum battery, a kick drum tour de force backed by the banshee wails from Sean Peck. Guitar solos arrive late, nothing flashy, just straight to the point.

During ‘Every Nation’ the band lock in for a potent pummel and the lyrics portray how heavy metal is a way of life, not just a passing trend. A sedate midway vocal makes way for facemelting solos from Ross and Stu Marshall with bruising bass guitar bludgeon coming from Mike LePond.

The devilish spoken word intro for ‘Beauty And The Blood’ heads off into slamming power metal. A gently picked guitar midsection is the calm before the storm race to the finish line outro.

‘Running With The Wolves’ has a NWOBHM vibe from sturdy riffing and call to arms lyrics that include “Louder than thunder more than alive, we’ll take you under when we arrive. We’ll drag you deep, you’ll feel like you’ve drowned. So hard and heavy, the Death Dealer sound”. The twin guitar harmonies are sublime and it ends on a lung shredding screech.

Guitars take the reins for ‘The Heretic Has Returned’ as they switch between catchy but heavy riffing and raging solos.

The main riff of the title track dominates this crushing slice of heavy metal as Sean hits some glass shattering notes. It then heads off into a headbanging gallop with twin lead guitar mayhem.

Mike LePond kicks the door down with a prominent bass attack for ‘Hail To The King’, a future anthem with a chorus to be roared back to the band from the crowd and guitars are let loose for a fiery outro.

‘Slay Or Be Slain’ has a take no prisoner attitude that adds extra potency to this Earthshaker as the band lock in tight for a devastating assault to the senses.

There is hardly a pause for breath as they thrash away in ‘Faith Under Fire’ like their lives depend on it. Three minutes fly by like the speed of sound.

’22 Gone’ is a ballad with balls as the band go down the gears for an emotional song. Sean wrings out nearly every last drop of emotion here.

The heaviness returns with the final track ‘Born To Bear The Crown’. It’s one last aural assault that sends a musical aftershock. It’s a short, sharp vehement ballbuster that flails wildly towards a proto thrash finish.

Conquered Land album track listing :-

Sorceror Supreme.

Every Nation.

Beauty And The Blood.

Running With The Wolves.

The Heretic Has Returned.

Conquered Land.

Hail To The King.

Slay Or Be Slain.

Faith Under Fire.

22 Gone.

Born To Bear The Crown.

Death Dealer band line up :-

Ross The Boss – Guitar.

Stu Marshall – Guitar.

Sean Peck – Vocals.

Steve Bolognese – Drums.

Mike LePond – Bass Guitar.

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Ross The Boss returns with all guns blazing!

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