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Danny Bryant

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On 12 March 2018
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A superb album from Danny Bryant - his best work so far.

Blues guitarist/singer Danny Bryant releases his new studio album, Revelation, on 20th April through Jazzhaus records. It’s his fourth studio album, and based on his two previous studio albums (“Blood money” and “Temperature rising”) I was expecting a lot from this album.

Despite me having high expectations, this album surpassed them with ease – this is by far the best album Dany Bryant has released to date. He’s not just got his usual band with him for this album – he’s also brought in his big band that he’s toured with recently, so that adds keyboards and brass instruments to the sound and the results show he made a good decision as they really help add some extra richness to the songs.

As always Danny’s guitar playing is superb. These are still guitar-driven songs and there’s definitely a shift towards blues-rock rather than just plain blues, and these songs sound great played loud. The keyboards and brass instruments are used carefully – they aren’t over-used but instead are used where they can really add something to the sound, and the keyboard is often very subtle. The vocals are fantastic – this is some of Danny’s best work and the emotions in the lyrics come across clearly in the vocals.

The album follows a year when Danny Bryant lost his father following a long illness and also one of his friends died too. Danny Bryant says “I was struck with a deep depression and crippling anxiety and in times like this I have always found salvation within music”. Given that you might expect the album to be dark and depressing, especially since the songs are about Isolation, despair and dark times, but that’s not the case. The album is actually more upbeat than I was expecting, and with the rocky edge to it then that helps too. There are definitely emotional parts but they work well and you never get the feeling that it’s too dark and gloomy. The lyrics are a real srtong point on this album and it’s worth listening carefully to them.

A superb album from Danny Bryant – his best work so far.

“Revelation” will be released on 20th April 2018

Track listing:

1. Revelation
2. Isolate
3. Liars testament
4. Someday the rains will fall
5. Truth or dare
6. Shouting at the moon
7. Sister decline
8. May I have a talk with you
9. Yours for a song

A superb album from Danny Bryant - his best work so far.

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