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Danny Bryant

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On 2 September 2019
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An excellent album

It was only last year that Danny Bryant released his last album, Revelation, but he’s already back with another album. On “Revelation”, he was joined by the big band he did a tour with and that made the album something a bit different but now he’s back to working with his usual band mostly although the big band also appears. On this album they recorded the tracks live in the studio, all playing together rather than each person recording their parts separately. While recording separately allows the tracks to be note perfect and re-recorded till it is perfect, I do thik that sometimes that perfection makes an album a bit sterile whereas recording together means that even if there’s an occasional missed note you get a more natural sound with more energy.

Check out the title track, “Means of escape”….

One of my favourite tracks is the Texas blues number “Nine lives”. It’s a great song and I love the Hammond organ sound and the way it adds richness to the song, and there’s even a nice Hammond organ solo too.

After “Nine lives”, “Skin and bone” is a real change of pace. It’s a slow song played on acoustic guitar.

Another slow song is “Where the river ends”. The intro is played on the piano and has a very sad emotional feel to it. Once the drums and guitar kick in things are a bit more powerful but it’s still got that emotional feel to it. It’s a beautiful song.

With this album Danny Bryant has merged the two formats he’s done by having some big band and some four-piece band tracks. It’s worked well, using each as the songs demand and the result is an excellent album.

“Means of escape” will be released on 20th September 2019

Track listing:

1. Tired of trying
2. Too far gone
3. Means of escape
4. Nine lives
5. Skin and bone
6. Warning signs (in her eyes)
7. Where the river ends
8. Hurting time
9. Mya

An excellent album

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