CYCLE BEATING release the second song ‘No Regrets’ from their upcoming album “The Age Of Depression”

CYCLE BEATING, the mean bastard of Thrash and Groove Metal with a proper Core influence, have released the second song of their upcoming album “The Age Of Depression“. It’s titled “No Regrets” and it is an angry as well as critical wrecking ball, which is hard on the conventions of society.

The song is available here:

The band’s comment on “No Regrets”:  “We have chosen this song because it’s one of our favourites – we love to play it live. Maybe one of the reasons is, that “No Regrets” has such a strong Hardcore influence. In the past everyone of us was confronted with situations, when someone tried to take a massive influence on our lives. That’s annoying!!!

If some is unable to accept the fact that we play loud music and have tattoos – fine, we don’t care. But if it limits us in our work or private life it makes us really angry. Why do we have to justify ourselves, while other people are allowed to display their intolerance in such a shameless way? We simply are who we are. There is nothing to regret. So “No Regrets”.”Cycle-Beating_The-Age-Of-Depression


1. Intro
2. The Age of Depression
3. Burning down the Bridge
4. 254
5. No Regrets
6. Still Sober
7. The wrong Path
8. Mass Corruption
9. Who do you think you are
10. In my darkest Dreams

“The Age Of Depression” will be released on the 7th November 2014.

More information about CYCLE BEATING can be found on Facebook.

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