V-Promotion is proud to announce the release of the new D8 Dimensio album ‘Octocrura’

D8 Dimension - OctocruraThe project D8 Dimension was born in early 2009, thanks to five musicians coming from different backgrounds which decided to be part of an Alternative Metal band with aggressive sounds. After numerous live appearances and important competitions, the band changed direction and musical level, by focusing on sound characterized by electronic grafts and the entry of a new component, Alu.X. It follows the idea of ​​recording an EP, following an intense live activity the same, but soon the work takes the form of an “extended EP”, extremely accurate from the point of view of sound and production.

So, in January 2013, “Octocrura” sees the light; it is a completely self-produced album, accompanied by a video clip of the song Vrock can be watcched below. It was recorded at BigWave studies, mixed and mastered at NuBeat Pit of Livorno.

Octocrura is a 7 tracks Ep, with aggressive sounds and high-impact arrangements with the contribution of a scratchy and melodic voice. The lyrics of the D8 Dimension arise from reflections that depart from its own conscience examination; the lyrics talk about topics such as the need for change and the search for new stimuli (in Vrock), the hypocrisy with which it seeks to change the “system” from the sofa of your own home by sharing links on social networks (in Hell) in contrast with the real need to protect their own future (Industrial), the human instinct to appeal to a God (at Mount). However, the songs are simple stories, in certain cases of insanity (in Poisoned Hamster), in others of love, sex and ’30s gangster (in Gunmouth).

The new album of D8 Dimens “Octocrura” will be available via


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