Crystal Viper – Queen of the witches

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Crystal Viper

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On 21 February 2017
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A great album - I can't wait to hear these songs played live

It’s been a few years since Crystal viper released an album as the band went on hold in 2013 due to health issues with the singer Marta Gabriel.  Happily though the silence is over and the band are back.  At a time when there are countless symphonic or gothic metal bands with female singers, it’s good to have a band back that stands out from the crowd.  Crystal viper are more of a traditional heavy metal band, and so you can expect plenty of raw power, loud guitars and powerful vocals.

At the end of last year they released the first single from the new album – the title track, “The witch is back”.  Check out the video and hear what you can expect from the album.  It’s a good track to showcase what the band are all about – it’s proper heavy metal with plenty of power.

The second single is “When the sun goes down” – check out the video here..

The song “We will make it last forever” is one of the softer songs, but it’s still got plenty of power.  It’s a duet with Marta being joined on vocals by Steve Bettney, singer from NWOBHM band Saracen.

The final track on the album depends if you bought the CD or Vinyl.  If you buy the CD then you get a cover of Grim Reaper’s “See you in hell” whereas if you get the vinyl version you get a cover of Exciter’s “Long live the loud”

I’ve been listening to the album for the last few days, and absolutely love it.  The band are on tour in Europe with Bloodbound, and fans lucky enough to go to one of the shows are going to hear these songs as they are really meant to be played – live and loud.

“Queen of the witches” is out now on AFM records

Track listing:

1. The Witch Is Back
2. I Fear No Evil
3. When The Sun Goes Down
4. Trapped Behind
5. Do Or Die
6. Burn My Fire Burn
7. Flames And Blood
8. We Will Make It Last Forever
9. Rise Of The Witch Queen
10. See You In Hell (CD version bonus track)
10. Long Live The Loud (LP version bonus track)

A great album - I can't wait to hear these songs played live

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