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On 21 July 2018
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It's a great EP and a nice follow-up to "Queen of the witches".

Polish Metal band Crystal Viper disappeared from the scene for a few years due to the health problems of frontwoman Marta Gabriel, but returned last year with live shows and the excellent new album “Queen of the witches”. They’ve now followed up with a 5 track EP – At the edge of time.

The EP has five tracks, including title track “At the edge of time” and “Zwiastun Burzy”. The latter is in Polish, but both are based on the works of author Michael Moorcraft. There’s a new version of “When the sun goes down” (the original was on the “Queen of the witches” album. “When are you” is a new song, and “Tell me why” is a cover version of the song by the band Quartz.

Check out the video for title track “At the edge of time”

There’s also a video for “When the sun goes down”…

With a piano and soft vocals, “When are you” isn’t a typical Crystal Viper song – it’s a real change to hear Marta doing soft vocals rather than her usual more style vocals. It’s a great song though and a really nice addition to the EP.

It’s a great EP and a nice follow-up to “Queen of the witches”. It’s crazy that Crystal Viper have still never played the UK, but hopefully that will change now that they’re back from their four year break. They’re a great live band so I hope they will come over here either for a tour or a festival appearance.

“At the edge of time” is out now on AFM records

Track listing:

1. At the edge of time
2. When the sun goes down
3. Zwiastun Burzy
4. When are you
5. Tell me why

It's a great EP and a nice follow-up to "Queen of the witches".

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