Crowsaw – EP

crowsawCrowsaw are a three-piece band from the borders of South Wales, who play Heavy Blues rock.  I was asked to review their CD, but since it came without a track listing I hope I’ve managed to get the songs right.

The disc itself is beautifully done – printed artwork on the disc itself which makes a good impression.

The music too is very good – it’s certainly heavy – there’s a nice Black Sabbath feel to some of the riffs, and the blues-rock sound is definitely there too.  The guitar work is great, but the drum sound just seems slightly hollow and lacking power.  It still sounds good, but I’m sure that when they record an album it’s going to sound even better.

If the idea of Blues-rock mixed with Black Sabbath appeals to you then you should definitely give Crowsaw a listen.

Rating: 7/10

Track listing:

1. Voodoo nation
2. Bitch blues
3. Skytrain
4. Money

Crowsaw are:

Rob Lomax – Guitar & Vocals
Elvin Robinson – Drums
Glyn Mason – Bass

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