CREATION’S END release Cover, Tracklist, release date: for new album “Metaphysical”

The release date of the new CREATION’S END album “Metaphysical” on CD is the 29th August 2014. The preorder phase will start on August 15th, 2014.

CREATIONS ENDCREATION’S END is our newest band on Pure Prog Records whom released the studio album “A New Beginning” in 2010. CREATION’S END consists of some famous musicians; On vocals is the former Riot/Masterplan vocalist Mike DiMeo, the guitarists are Rudy Albert and Marco Sfogli which were or are active through acts like Zandelle and the solo band James LaBrie.

We present the second and brand new album “Metaphysical”, the quintet from New York City are playing eleven clear, imaginative and filigree progressive metal songs. The strenuous song structures are in a perfect balance with the melodic-rough, slightly bluesy vocals. Spherical Keyboard meets ingenious guitar, the precise drumming with the strong, powerful double bass could be compared with Mike Portnoy’s technique.

With the new album “Metaphysical” CREATION’S END is offering the absolute full service for every disappointed Dream Theater fan!

1. Ohm
2. The Chosen None
CREATIONS END Metaphysical3. Bivariate
4. This Heart
5. All I Have
6. Part Of You
7. Surrendered
8. Push
9. Turn Away
10. Bring To Life
11. Constructing A Savior
12. Singularity
Total Playing Time: 60:15 min

Mike DiMeo – vocals
Rudy Albert – guitars, keyboard
Joe Black – bass
Marco Sfogli – guitars
Dario Rodriguez – drums


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