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On 10 February 2014
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Hailing from Järvenpää Finland Corpsessed released their first full length album Abysmal Thresholds by Dark Descent Records on the 4th of February 2014. Artwork by Danille Gauvin.
Prepare yourself....


Hailing from Järvenpää Finland Corpsessed released their first full length album Abysmal Thresholds by Dark Descent Records on the 4th of February 2014. Artwork by Danille Gauvin.

Now I have never claimed to be good at reviews, sometimes you just can’t get into an album enough to right something decent, it’s a bit like trying to make a casserole with the scrapings of your mother’s bra, but I don’t think I shall have a problem with this album. However instead of my usual swearing and exclamations I endeavour to add some class and proper adjectives to this review, so fucking take note.


The first track is an intro track…called intro which has a very dark atmospheric vibe, with trumpets, quite battle like.


The intro track abruptly ends and the first heavy chord of the second track Of Desolation kicks in followed by a pause and the chord repeated.

I can imagine hearing the start of this track at a gig, this is the time when you create your head banging stance for what is inevitably to follow, teasing and charged full of adrenaline.

The symbol beats filter in and the track thunders on to start off the album with crushing intensity.

The layers of chunky, angry riffs over the thick drum sound and growling vocals make for a truly enveloping sound.

Fucking hell, the track fully kicks in one minute into the track and then slows to a really menacing sound 15 seconds later, with pinches!

The balance of the atmospheric dark nature of the track mixed with the tight raw heaviness is incredible.


Trepanation is next and wastes no time slamming into a relentless pace. This track is again littered with moments of pause and ever flowing riffs that keep the mind constantly on edge and in a state of excited anticipation.

The effect used at 2.13 gives a wonderful otherworldly feel to the track.


Next is Sovereign which starts with the drums and some sound effects which again leave you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the insanity to begin with a catchy starting riff that seeps through.  Then it all gets pulverised as the vocals enter the fray.


Necrosophic Channeling is next which I assume has something to do with the wisdom of the dead. The track starts off with the sound of echoing church bells which are then met by a guitar riff and the rest of the band on a slow journey until the track fully kicks in with a series of layered vocals. The whole track has a rather intense Deicide feel to it.

Ravening Tides starts off on a different pace with an eerie yet beautiful classical intro which is then morphed and brutally crushed by a pounding guitar sound.  The track eventually takes on a faster pace with again, amazing layering and variety of sounds to completely transport the listener into the dark pits of their own mental landscape. OOOOfffft (I’m allowed one) 3.04 head banging groove right there! Followed by an insanely haunting and distant solo which just adds another ounce of otherworldliness.


Aphotheosis is track 7 of 10 which starts on a more obvious death metal note. Immense blast beats, dark vocals and heavy, drudging guitar riffs remind me of Cannibal Corpse, brilliance.

Demonical Subjugation begins in a flurry of battling elements, crushing guitars and pounding beats as usual but the sharp pause at the start and ever changing graduations keep you sucked into this darkened world it creates.  The repeated riff at 1.30 for example which flows under various drum beats drills its way into your subconscious and then followed by another intense spell at 2.16. The depth of the vocals is very prominent in this track and ends the track with an echo of anguish.


Have to say I love the title of this next track, Transcend Beyond Human, sounds like a Chuck Schuldiner lyric and makes me instantly want to delve into this philosophical notion. The intro to the track suits my frame of mind after reading that title, there is something quite unnerving about the starting riff which then evolves into an even darker version. This then carries through to an ever changing field of sound which transcends into ever changing degrees of brutality. I can defiantly imagine someone transforming into something unhuman to this track.


The last track is called The Threshold, which sort of implies to me the end of a journey or the final limits. The atmospheric sound is cranked up again in this track and makes me think that a major revolution is about to take place, the repeated haunting guitar riff in the first half of the track maps a definite journey for me.

The track soon picks up the pace after a short pause in the middle and then hammers with varying pauses and restarts, again providing a narrative in my head until the track reaches its ultimate climax and abruptly ends with a single questioning note.


I did predict I would enjoy reviewing this album and I wasn’t wrong. I had to listen to the whole album several times over different days to really get to grip with the intricate changes and narrative throughout the album. This album with get your blood and adrenaline pumping to a point that makes you long for the pits of doom described throughout. Word of warning however, do not listen to this album when driving.


Track Listing:


Of Desolation



Necrosophic Channeling

Ravening Tides


Demonical Subjugation

Transcend Beyond Human

The Threshold


Band Line Up:

N. Matilainen – vocals
M. Mäkelä – guitars
J. Lustig – guitars
J-P. Manner – drums
M. Pöllä – bass


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Hailing from Järvenpää Finland Corpsessed released their first full length album Abysmal Thresholds by Dark Descent Records on the 4th of February 2014. Artwork by Danille Gauvin. Prepare yourself....

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