Control The Storm – The Haunts – Brighton – 13/11/15

Back in May this year I travelled up to Dames of Darkness Festival which was hellishly brilliant, whilst I was there I picked up Control The Storm‘s debut release Beast Inside.  I gave it a spin on my long drive back and fell in love with the album; Control The Storm really have something special to offer up, now having seen them live I can say that the best is yet to come, I look forward to seeing these guys work up to bigger stages and getting the respect they deserve.  Having opened up for Leaves Eyes a couple weeks ago at The Marble Factory in Bristol it’s safe to say they are well on their way there!

Up first at The Haunts tonight we have gothic progressive metallers Orpheum stepping up after Desolate Pathway pulled out.  The 5 piece have a good dynamic, I really like the vocal work between frontwoman Erin Johnson and keyboardist Mars Martin, overall a good performance despite some sound issues and they have got some pretty good songs too.  I look forward to seeing what more is to come in the future, and will hopefully catch them again soon! (6/10)

Members –

Erin Johnson – vocals,

Fin Thomson – guitar,

Mars Martin – keyboard & backing vocals,

Andy Thomson – drums,

Phillipe Dutra – bass

Next up are 6 piece Proscenium, Cardiff based symphonic power metallers, it’s a shame there are some sound issues and the keyboards are a little lost in the mix.  These guys have some great energy and although they aren’t particularly my cup of tea, I will say that they deliver a good performance and do have some fantastic guitar work, a highlight was when they strangely covered Lionel Richie – Hello, which actually worked pretty well.  Overall a good performance just a shame the sound wasn’t on their side, and a few too many gaps between songs that needs a bit of polishing up for a more solid performance. (5/10)

Vocals: Lee D. Bowen,

Guitar: Glyndwr Williams,

Guitar: Michael Abbott,

Keyboards: Gareth Long,

Drums: Graham Bradley,

Bass: Chris Machin.

Lastly Bristol based Control The Storm take to the stage, from start to finish their set is a treat, live these guys are tight as hell and deliver such a good show.  They have earned the spot headlining tonight as they do really shine in their performance by delivering the most polished set of the night with a much smoother progression through their set, and all members put out a charismatic and powerful performance.  Big mention has to go to Marc Jackson filling in on drums; he really did a top job and fit in beautifully.  I was also really impressed with Kate’s vocals live, I have to say she sounds fantastic, and every member really is talented and together just put out music and a performance that is fantastic.  I could easily have forgotten we were in a smaller venue as their quality of performance was on par, if not better than some bands I’ve seen on bigger stages.  A highlight for me has to be their cover of Devin Townsend Project – Hyperdrive, I am a massive Devin fan so very hard to impress by anyone that covers him, however they do it and it is awesome, a very fitting tribute to the legend that is Devin!  Keep your eyes out for Control the Storm and I suggest any melodic metal fans check them out! (8/10)

Members –

Kate – Vocals

Rich Shillitoe – Guitar, Vocals

Raedon Mac – Keyboard, Vocals

Nath Hutchins- Drums

Becky Baldwin – Bass, Vocals

Patrick Sanders – Guitar


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