Contrarian – Their Worm Never Dies


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On 24 April 2019
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Blistering tech death metal for fans of complicated songs and jawdropping musicianship

This is the third album by this bunch of progressive death wizards. Featuring on vocals and drums George Kollias of Nile fame. From the very start this is high octane jawdropping musicianship straight from the school of Death and Atheist.  That is where the comparison ends to an extent.

The bass playing is something especially to listen out for with its twists and turns and insane runs. This unfortunately contributes to a weak overall production which is lacking in real warmth and attack. However, it highlights every note and makes for a highly enjoyable experience hearing these masters play.

There are times it feels like it is trying to say too little with too many notes and at others really grabbing the ears with solid riffs and paying much respect to the old masters.  “The Petition” really showcases the talents of these guys with excellently crafted riffs and many shifts in timing throughout the song.  There are times when it sails perilously close to Death, whether that is intentional or not is another question.

The album opener “Vaskania” sets the album of in a blistering fashion which it does not quite achieve again throughout the album. One thing the band have taken notice of is the overall length of the album which comes in at just over 35 minutes, they know when to exit the stage.

Kollias’s vocals are raspy and suit the atmosphere of this record. There is no doubt about the effort that has went into creating this album and it is from a musicians point of view stunning, however it needs to be a bit more song focused and reign in some of the more over the top showboating.


  1. Vaskania (The Evil Eye)
  2. Exorcism
  3. My Curse
  4. The Petition
  5. Among the Misled
  6. Their Worm Never Dies
  7. Whomsoever Worships the Whiteworm

Band Members

Jim Tasikas – Guitars
Brian Mason – Lead Guitars
Ed Paulsen – Bass
George Kollias – Drums/Vocals

Blistering tech death metal for fans of complicated songs and jawdropping musicianship

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