Conquer release free download of ‘A Worms Demise’

Conquer A Worms DemiseConquer was originally created by vocalist Devlin Anderson as a one man black metal project. Collaborating with drummer Simon Oukhine, the sound changed from black metal to a unique mix of blackened death with an influence of thrash.

Working as a two piece for several months and relocating to Oshawa, Ontario. The duo were joined by Ryan White on lead guitar to add crushing guitar riffs in the vein of classic Celtic Frost influence and later followed by ex-Left Hand Creation bassist Rob Holden to his add melodic riffs.

Conquer’s main objective musically is to pay homage to the forefathers of Extreme Metal and bring the classic sound of bands past to a new generation of metalheads.

Download ‘A Worms Demise’ here

1. A Worms Demise (5:23)
2. Hell’s First Born (4:59)
3.  God Is The Destroyer (5:43)

Conquer Simon Oukhine (Drums), Rob Holden (Guitar/Bass), Devlin Anderson (Vocals/Guitar/Bass), Ryan White, (Guitar, Lead)
Conquer Simon Oukhine (Drums), Rob Holden (Guitar/Bass), Devlin Anderson (Vocals/Guitar/Bass), Ryan White, (Guitar, Lead)

EP Credits:
Mixed and Mastered by Ryan White
Produced by Ryan White and Devlin Anderson

EP + Live Line Up:
Devlin Anderson: Vocals/Guitar
Ryan White: Lead Guitar
Rob Holden: Bass
Simon Oukhine: Drums

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