CroMagnum – upcoming EP “Born Free”

Canada’s CroMagnum Come Ripping Out The Primordial Ooze With “Tunguska” Off “Born Free”

Years in the making, Montreal’s CroMagnum recently released their first single with the music video “Tunguska” from their upcoming EP “Born Free”. According to the band, this EP is more involved than the last, with a second guitar and more refinement in the melody. The music video for the single shows that CroMagnum is bringing the same power riffage and dirt, as the band explains in their own words:

“The song “Tunguska” mirrors the blazing atmospheric entry of this song’s subject, the mysterious space object that fell to Earth in the northern tundra of Russia over a hundred years ago! Musically, an absolute monolithic blitzkrieg of searing riffs thrown at you at breakneck speed! No time to even take a breath!”

The five-track EP delivers thundering waves of primordial power and aims to give listeners a feeling of empowerment, an interesting variety of dynamics across the whole record, a few unexpected surprises, something original that stands out from other releases in the genre.

The musical production on the video was supplied by Alain Londero and it was filmed by one-woman film crew Maude Baillargeon. If the music video and the song aren’t enough for fans, Maximus Rex has also written and illustrated a comic book that shares a title with the EP. 

All out pandemonium awaits! CroMagnum is recommended for fans of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Judas Priest.

The video for “Tunguska” can be viewed here:

CROMAGNUM – Tunguska

“A call to arms to exercise your freedom as assertively and aggressively as you can!!! Born Free is the soundtrack to a revolution in ideas and human thinking!!! It should pump you all the way up and encourage you to kick some ass, no matter what your goals, no matter what you choose to do!” – CroMagnum

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The full EP “Born Free” is out on September 17th, 2021 via the band’s own label King Metal Records.

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Track Listing:
1. End Your Slavery (0:53)
2. Born Free (4:14)
3. Waterval Boven (3:41)
4. Tunguska (2:31)
5. Congregation (5:26)
EP Length: 16:47

EP Band Line Up:
Maximus Rex: Guitar, vocals & keyboards
Gino LaPosta: Bass
M.A.D.: Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Maximus Rex: Guitar and vocals
Gino LaPosta: Bass
Drums (TBA)

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