Conjuring Fate – Exclusive pre-Blazefest interview

Poster for Blazefest 5PlanetMosh is proud to one of the media sponsors for this weekend’s Blazefest, Northern Ireland’s biggest annual charity gig, which brings together the top rock and metal bands from this part of the world to raise funds for the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

Ahead of tomorrow’s show, PM caught up with one of the band’s who are returning to the Blazefest stage – Conjuring Fate, and specifically vocalist Tommy Daly.  Their last appearance at Blazefest was two years ago, and came at a traumatic time for the band, as they went on a short hiatus shortly afterwards, returning to action just under a year ago.  So we wondered how it feels for them to be playing the event again?

The band is really excited to be on such a strong bill.  This will be our first show of 2015 and we are raring to go.  The band really has gelled now and we wanna show it. 

What lessons, if any, did the band learn from their hiatus?

To never feel you are stuck in a rut;  there is always someone to help you get the job you wanna do done.

Did they ever think that, with such a period away from the spotlight, the fans might have forgotten about Fate and they would have to start all over again?  Or was that part of the challenge when they came back?

Oh yea for sure… we were surprised and overwhelmed by the welcome back, and it was a positive experience for the new guys. 

After the break, they came back with a new line-up.  How did Tommy and fellow founder member Phil Horner (guitarist) go about choosing the members for the new look Fate and what new dynamic does Tommy think the lads have brought to the band and its sound?

Conjuring Fate publicity photographThe new guys are just Fate playing it’s hand, lol!  Steve (Legear – bass) is a seasoned player,Boggy [drummer Bogdan Walczak] had a few live shows – but [second guitarist] young Karl “Billy The Kid” Gibson was a real wild card who was really untested on the live scene:  but he just filled it so well and really complemented Phil’s playing.

The first thing they did when they returned, of course, was to record and release the excellent ‘House On Haunted Hill’ EP, and a video for the title track (which premiered here on PlanetMosh).  The band are now back in the studio again, laying down tracks for their debut album, and we wondered if the frontman could give us some insight into how the recording process is going?

It’s going really well, with nearly all the songs we wanna use… everybody is bring stuff to the table with some songs possibly merging as one.   There is a lot of focus on dark subject and classic horror stories. 

Do you have a release date in mind yet?

Not fully yet!  We don’t wanna pressure ourselves to a time scale.  All I can say is asap.

The reason we’re talking, of course, is because Conjuring Fate are appearing at Blazefest this coming weekend.  Bands get asked to do lots of charity shows:  what is different about this one that made them – and the other bands on the bill – immediately say “yes”?

Awe, wee Blaze is a diamond and we’ve always been fond of Darren and Dawn.  And it’s for a great cause.  Without kids we have no future.

As a music journalist, I’m always giving my opinion on bands.  However, I put the boot on the other foot for a moment, and ask Tommy to tell us what he thinks of the other bands on the Blazefest bill…

They are all awesome!  Some I haven’t experienced live yet, but cannot wait.  I will say that, if this was the Grand National, my money would be on Sinocence… no offence to any of the other bands, but the Sins do it for me – and the new stuff is world class.  Plus, Seymour is one of my best buddies… as you know!

If you had to cover a song by one of the other bands on the bill, who and what would it be?

Good question.  I can only speak for myself here, but ‘Like Father Like Son’ by the Sins

After Blazefest, Fate are teaming up with Sinocence again, first of all for their EP launch and then in the PlanetMosh-backed first ever Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses competition ever to have been staged in Northern Ireland.  Does Tommy think that, by the time M2TM comes around, they’ll pretty much have both their own and Sinocence’s game plans sussed?

Lol.  Yip:  I’m gonna call round to Jim’s night before for a drink, spike him with laxatives and miss tune all his bass guitars!

Hey, if we are ousted by the Sins I couldn’t be happier…

Blazefest takes place at the Empire Music Hall, Belfast, tomorrow (Saturday March 21).  In addition to Conjuring Fate, the line up also features MaverickSinocenceScreaming EaglesXerosunThe Irontown Diehards and Donum Dei.  Admission is £10 and tickets are available (with no booking fee) from Ticketmaster, and also on the door.

Conjuring Fate also play Sinocence’s ‘No Gods No Masters Vol 2’ EP launch at Limelight 2, Belfast, on Saturday March 28, with Maverick, Donum Dei and Gasoline Outlaws.  Admission is £5 (pay at the door).

The fourth heat of Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Northern Ireland – featuring By Conquest Or Consent, Conjuring Fate, Scimitar and Sinocence – takes place on Saturday April 4, also at Limelight 2.  Again, admission is £5 at the door.

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