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Collapse Arms and the CovenantFormed in London, England late 2009, Collapse had the sole intention of no compromise, no prisoners, with core values of dedication, honesty, and worship of the almighty riff. So goes the bio on their site and they’ve got a very impressive pedigree so far with support slots alongside Anthrax among others, playing festivals such as Download, Bloodstock and Hammerfest. Following on from their debut ep, Scar the Silence, Collapse are now ready to unleash their debut album on the world.

The album is very much like Machine Head meeting Lamb of God head on. Brutally and technically efficient modern melodic thrash. Duncan Wilkinson is very reminiscent of Rob Flynn in his vocal attack while Andy Ongley rips thundering riff after riff after riff in every song backed by the technical power of Scott Harris’ drums and Rainer Gronholm’s bass.

Title and opening track Arms & The Covenant is a 100mph brutal explosion of metal that rips right out of the starting blocks with its relentless assault and the album does not stop for breath right through to the end. The Cursed follows on perfectly, although is more studied in its brutality but most definitely no less aggressive. The pace is breakthtaking and does not let up one bit through The Death of Man before we’re steeped in atmospheric dread as Resurrecting God acts as an intro to the technically riffed Acolyte that once again cranks up the brutality again without a moments pause or respite. It’s easy to hear from this debut album why Collapse have been gaining the plaudits and have been part of such Triple-A festivals and tours.

A this point you may be thinking that this album may have the potential to become all too similar given the rate Collapse are ripping through each number. What’s great though is we hit the second part of the album in Bloodlet and find them coming out with a far more controlled and galloping attack that brings in some great melodic breakdowns in amongst some monster pieces of riffage. Follow does just that perfectly, as it drips with evil intent throughout, complete with disturbingly haunting vocals and a grinding stomper of a track. Of Iron starts in a similar manner and reminds me of Hanger 18 before it throws out more immense riffage that kicks into a huge groove towards its end.

The album comes to a crushing end with Attrition and Heartwork reminding us that Collapse can indeed kick out the technical brutality at the drop of a hat while still able to mix things up melodically.

As I’ve mentioned above, this is relentless in its approach, its brutality and its techncality. It’s packed full of aggressive tendencies and is an album that will tear you apart at the seams. A superb debut album that picks up perfectly from where their EP Scar the Silence left off.

Arms and the Covenant is due for release on April 1st through Transcend Records.

Rating: 9/10

Track Listing:
1. Arms & The Covenant
2. The Cursed
3. The Death of Man
4. Resurrecting God
5. Acolyte
6. Bloodlet
7. Follow
8. Of Iron
9. Attrition
10. Heartwork

Collapse are:
Duncan Wilkinson – Vocals
Andy Ongley – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Christian Stevens – Guitars
Rainer Grönholm – Bass/Backing Vocals
Scott Harris – Drums


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