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Cats in Space

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On 8 November 2020
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Cats in Space are back with their fourth studio album, Atlantis. Their fans are clearly excited about it – when the album presale started, the vinyl copies and the limited edition bundles all sold out in the first 48 hours

Ahead of the release of the album, the band have released the first single from it, “I fell out of love with rock’n’roll”…

Since the last album, the band have parted way with their previous singer and recruited Damien Edwards as a replacement. Listening to the album he’s certainly got a great voice and sounds to be a good addition but only time will tell. The new album continues the band’s love 70s classic rock and pop and really does sound like something you can imagine filling stadiums in the 70s. It’s got that grandiose over the top sound you’d have heard from Styx, ELO, Supertramp and other 70s melodic rock giants.

With that strong 70s feel you wouldn’t expect it to sound as fresh as it does, but with it sounding so different to most modern releases then it does stand out as something new and different. The keyboards add so much to the sound yet always resist the temptation to stray into 70s prog territory and go too far. There’s good solid rock here with the guitars and a solid rhythm section delivering the power and strong riffs, but those keyboards then add the polish, and the fantastic vocals finish off the sound nicely.

This has to be their strongest release yet – it’s a superb album

Cats in Space“Atlantis” will be released on 27th November 2020

Track listing:

1. Dive!
2. Spaceship superstar
3. Revolution
4. Sunday best
5. Listen to the radio
6. I fell out of love with rock’n’roll
7. Marionettes
8. Queen of the neverland
9. Magic lovin’ feelin’
10. Can’t wait for tomorrow
11. Seasons change
12. Atlantis

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