Brute Forcz – Out For Blood

Full length debut loses impact as it wrestles with production.Out For Blood

LA’s Brute Forcz is a three piece heavy metal band featuring ex-wrestlers Slammer and Jammer alongside guitarist Will Wallner. Their self-released album has been taken up by Pure Steel Records. “Out For Blood” is a collection of 10 tracks of back to basics heavy metal. There are no frills; it’s stripped back, simple, fast and loud.  Opening track “Live For Speed” is the introduction to the world of Brute Forcz. A motorbike roars, the bass trundles, the drums hammer before the guitar takes up the momentum with frenetic abandon. The initial promise fades as the song suffers from a lack of variation and weak lyrical content. Surprisingly from Bob Kulick, the production is a little weak as it feels disjointed and does not fill the room the way a band like Motörhead create a wall of noise.

Jammer’s vocals are described in the press release as rough but what they didn’t allude to is that he does not carry melody. Most of the time his vocal is a spoken word and the songs are tailored to take this into account.   A huge positive from this album is British guitarist, Will Wallner who has a talent that brings the score of the album upwards. His solos are impressive pieces that would be at home on many a classic heavy metal record and his riffs are the primary driving force on Out For Blood. There are some quality moments. “Metal Injection”, a great headbanging anthem is a voluminous thrill ride, while “Freedom’s Heart (Neda’s Song)” closes the album on a rich note. I am certain that in the live environment of a booze soaked noisy biker tavern, these songs will carry much more weight. The crux of the problem is that for all their honest endeavour, Brute Forcz would be much improved by the addition of a quality vocalist.

Brute Forcz have the spirit and dedication to make a good metal album. They just need to tweak the formula to be a real force in this brutal world.


Brute Forcz:Brute Forcz
Jammer – vocals, bass
Slammer – drums
Will Wallner – guitars




Out For Blood Tracklist
1. Live for Speed
2. Out for Blood
3. Metal Injection
4. Sex Machine
5. Teenage Lover
6. Leather N Chains
7. Torture Chamber
8. Thrill Queen
9. Hang Em High
10. Freedom’s Heart (Neda’s Song)

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