Brutal Truth/Bastard Noise – The Axiom of Post Humanity (Relapse)

Legebrutal truth bnndary grind merchants Brutal Truth teaming up with Bastard Noise on paper is a proposition that should produce a noise of catastrophic proportions. Alas it is not to be, this collaboration has produced an experience that fades into the background along with a hundred other Power Electronics style projects. Dan Lilker has been a chameleon his entire career and 9/10 he comes out on top with something interesting and listenable. This time both organisations have swung wide of the mark.  It was probably a lot of fun to make but it is not a great listening experience.  The CD and the record contain two entirely different sets of music from the two bands. Harsh power electronics has its place and there are bands that do it very well, Bastard Noise being one of them. However, Brutal Truth are really not convincing with their contribution, they have hinted at this style over their career but this is the first they have released something without the grind included. I could with this one talk about the mesmerizing brain draining experience I had listening to this, but it just simply isn’t the case. This is over indulgent nonsense by a well respected band testing the limits of their fans pockets. If as a creative unit this is the best Brutal Truth has then perhaps it is time to say goodbye cruel world forever. Bastard Noise have created what one would expect but it just isn’t cutting it.

Track Listing

Bastard Noise

  1. The Duel of the Ant and the Dragonfly
  2. The Horizon on Lynx
  3. Horned Beetle Conflict
  4. Mantis Colony

Brutal Truth

  1. Control Room: Smoke Grind and Sleep Mix
  2. The Story

Bastard Noise Lineup

Eric Wood

Aimme Artz

Brutal Truth Lineup

Dan Lilker – Bass

Kevin Sharp – Vocals

Richard Hoak – Drums

Dan O’Hare – Guitars



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