Brent Enman – Wildman

Brent Enman is a multi-instrumentalist who comes originally from just outside Boston, Massachusetts.  He’s played in various bands and shared stages with the likes of Britny Fox, Ratt and REO Speedwagon.  On this album he demonstrates his multi-instrumentalist status by playing all the instruments himself as well as writing and singing.

The album falls into the Classic Rock category, but there’s plenty of variety on the album.  I have to say I was sceptical at first – a lot of albums where everything is done by one person seem to be disappointing – good but lacking that killer edge that often comes from having different people giving their input during the writing and recording, but some like this album don’t disappoint at all – in fact this album easily exceeded my expectations.

Brief comments on a couple of the tracks..

The album opens with “All for the show”.  A great classic hard rock track with a late 70s feel, and an excellent start to the album.

“Man of the past” slows the pace and drops the power level which acts to break the album up nicely.

“Never too old to rock n roll” is the last song on the album and is another great hard rocking tune.  It’s got some great guitar work, pounding drums and a great high energy tune – a definite highlight of the album.

This album is excellent – the songs are packed with energy and sound great.  There’s a Georgia Satellites feel at times to the music, but that’s just one of the influences – others could include Dokken, Night Ranger, Kings of the sun, and a whole host of classic rock and metal bands.

An excellent heavy rock album thats highly recommended.

Rating: 8.5/10

Track listing:

1. All for the show
2. I lost my American dream
3. Takin’ home
4. Sweeping up rainbows
5. Hear what I’m sayin’
6. Man of the past
7. Too good to be true
8. Shadow on my heart
9. If I die tomorrow
10. Never too old to rock n roll

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