The Vibes – 45 minutes to go

Switzerland is a country typically associated with Mountains, Chocolate, cuckoo clocks and banks, but they do actually produce some great bands – Gotthard, Krokus and Celtic Frost being prime examples, and The Vibes being another (lesser known) case.  The vibes play what they describe as T.C.B Rock’n’Roll (I’ve got no idea what the TCB is supposed to stand for though).

Brief comments on a few of the tracks..

“Scumbags or presidents” opens the album – a great fast paced rock and roll track.  It’s got a bit of a punk feel to it too with the attitude and energy that comes through.  An excellent start to the album

“Don’t shoot the pianist, shoot the piano!” is a slower track – slower but still not slow – it’s more cruising along rather than going full throttle like much of the rest of the album.

With thirteen tracks and a running time of a fraction under 45 minutes then the songs are all pretty short and this helps keep that high energy feel throughout the album.

If you like high octane rock and roll then The Vibes are a band you really need to listen to – this is damn good stuff.

“45 minutes to go” is out now.

Rating: 7.5/10

Track listing:

1. Scumbags or presidents
2. Rapunzel
3. Tesla
4. Fed up
5. Shake your leg
6. Black dogs
7. Driving man
8. Hellride
9. Thank you for killing my woman
10. Don’t shoot the pianist, shoot the piano!
11. Devil’s blood
12. Burning man
13. Matlock hates you

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