Breed 77 + Left Unscarred + For the Imperium + Seven Deadly – The Garage, London – 13th March 2013

Flamenco-metal is what we have come to enjoy tonight, but not before we have taken the time to check out the other three bands on tonight’s bill at The Garage.007


First up are Seven Deadly, a melodic thrash metal band. There are some familiar faces of metal in this band who have carefully selected a second guitarist and singer that certainly live up to the rest of the talent within the band and that is the stand out element that they have. Seven Deadly played a tight set, with a big sound and those who have chosen to not yet arrive are certainly missing out. Their short set previews the tracks their debut EP ‘The Allegiance’ and gives us a taste of what is to come from their debut album later this year. Archie Wilson’s voice powers alongside the music and his deep gro064wl suits the lyrics and musical sound brilliantly. Despite the light crowd, Archie works everyone very well, doing exactly what a support band are there to do, and gets the crowd warmed up and that was evident by the time they hit final track ‘From This Darkness’. We look forward to seeing this band in a smaller grimier venue doing a headline set; they are definitely a band to keep your ear on.


For The Imperium have made the journey over from Finland for this tour, their sound was described by Breed 77’s singer as “the bastard son of metal and prog” and he is not wrong. Their lively stage performance was a mass of mixed sound, dreadlocks and finger tapping by the bass player. The singer’s clean vocals didn’t quite seem to fit the sound, but in all honesty it was a little to098-2o heavy for this reviewer.


It was the same for Left Unscarred, they too were, for this reviewer too heavy, due in part to their fast paced and full on riffage. They had some great breakdowns, but were not as entertaining to watch live as the bands that preceded them. That is not to say that they are not good at what they do, but this reviewer just felt a little out of her depth in terms of being able to review these two middle bands fairly.


Headliners Breed 77 are just about to release their new album ‘The Evil Inside’ and this hometown show gave them the chance to 129preview six tracks of new material for fans. This was a well thought out set list carefully interspersing old with new and they took the brave move of starting with a new track ‘Down’, but this was a wise choice. ‘Down’ is dirty and powerful. Things certainly seem to be a bit heavier on this new album if the tracks we are treated to early on in this set are anything to go by.

Guitarists Danny Felice and Pedro Capparos López do a sterling job blending their acoustic flamenco and electric guitar performances smoothly. This combination of flamenco and metal is not a commonly heard sound, but together they do it very well. ‘The River’ and ‘Blind’ are good examples of this. This skilful guitar playing helps to show off Paul Isola’s vocal, which has a good depth to it.


New single ‘Bring on the Rain’ goes down well with the audience. Their cover of ‘Poison’ gives the crowd a bit of umph mid-way through the set and this thankfully continues for the rest of the night. Stuart and Andre do a good job holding up the backline and power through tonight’s set.132


It is clear that they save the best ‘til last, certainly as far as the audience are concerned, rounding the night off with ‘La Ultima Hora’, ‘River’ and their well worked cover of Garbage’s ‘Zombie’, by this point everyone is in decent voice having been lacklustre earlier in the evening.

Breed 77 played a good set, my only wish was that this typical London crowd had been more into it, or that it had been in a slightly smaller venue where the power of this band would I think, have come across better. I just wish as a band that they had 134better industry recognition, as they have had in the past, as they proved tonight that they continue to produce and perform good quality contemporary material, but with that Breed 77 twist.





Set list


Broken Pieces


Bring on the Rain

World’s On Fire






La Ultima Hora

The River


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