Brazilian post rockers Labirinto stream their new album ‘Gehenna’

After 11 years in activity, 8 releases and 4 international tours, three years after an acclaimed split EP with the Canadian one-man-band thisquietarmy, Brazilian post-rockers/post-metallers Labirinto just released their brand new full-length album called ‘Gehenna’ (including a special collaboration on one track with Matthieu Vanderkerckhove from AmenRa, Syndrome…) for CD and Digital on the main legal platforms through Dissenso Records.
In addition to this official release-news, the band also streamed its album for full, just unveiled a brand new music video for the song “Enoch” and already planned a new European Tour on 2017.  


For the Record
Experimental sounds, full of textures and dynamics, but keeping their roots in Post Rock/Metal. That’s one of the main reasons that made Labirintobecome one of the greatest names of the genre in South America. They made several tours in North America, Brazil and Europe, performed in some great festivals that embraced the genre, including Dunk!Festival in Belgium. Hitting the 11 years mark between playing and recording, they had the honor to share the stage with great names such as God is an Astronaut, MONO, Amenra, Alcest, Stephen O’Malley, Mouse on the Keys, The Ocean, Jakob, Year Of No Light….
Throughout his career, some of their works have been released by some foreign labels, which ones are ConSouling Sounds (Belgium), Oxide Tones (Germany), Pirate Ship Records (USA) and Brazilian Dissenso Records, responsible for its debut album in 2010 (“Anatema”), the EP “Kadjwýnh” and the single “Masao”. After almost a hundred gigs in 14 foreign countries, and very well qualified reviews by national and international specialized medias like “The Guardian”, “Rolling Stone”, along others – Labirinto is now one of the top names in the experimental / instrumental Brazilian scene.
After an extensive tour in Europe last year, they started the recording of the awaited second full length effort, counting with the production of the great sound engineer Billy Anderson, known for his works with Melvins, Neurosis, Fantomas, Swans…

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