Bad Llama new ep and video released.

The new single from Burton Upon Trent’s BAD LLAMA as they release their new e.p TODAY   (Sept 30th).
The “Shedding Skin” e.p. was produced by Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios and the lead track is The Wolf You Feed. 
The band on the track The Wolf You Feed: “It’s a dark possessive love story, which focusses on the view point of depression. In the song depression is talking to the person who is suffering. Its emphasis is the relationship and how it can’t survive without their counterpart. Tablets and alcohol help to fire the feud which rages inside the sufferer’s head. A never ending cycle of mental abuse and possession”.







I’ve been waiting for a lifetime now,
Or so it seems, Trapped inside your head,
That heavy breathing in your dreams,
I’ve been waiting for this, for so long.
2am arrives and in this world, you’re out of place,
Rocking you to sleep, with tears, 
all down your bloodshot face,
How am I to know right, from wrong?
You’re on your own,
You’re not alone,
This is not enough,
It’s not enough,
I can’t let you Go.
Don’t ever think that you can turn your back away, from me,
Try to leave your bed and I’ll bring in anxiety,
Now we’re singing that same old song,
I am life and death and everything you see between,
Spirit bottles and that fistful of fluoxetine,
Tell me what does it mean,
To belong?
Pre Chorus
Cos I’ve been waiting for this so long,
Yeah I’ve been waiting for you for so long,
And then I promise it’s easy this time,
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
So no I won’t let you go,
Lyrics by; Kyle Jordan





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