Blues Pills latest EP, Devil Man.

Just for a second take a trip with me back in time to the late 1960’s, and try to imagine Janis Joplin with The Kozmic Blues Band, the sound of Jimi HendrixLed Zeppelin and early Fleetwood Mac all melding into one super blues rock group! Getting the picture yet?  Well now here, and right now in 2013 is the unbelievable retro sound that Blues Pills have re-created in an absolutely stunning return to the best of blues rock.  Sounds the likes of which I,ve not heard for many years, seriously, this group must have just stepped out of a time machine.

Blues Pills
                                                                        Blues Pills, Photograph by Linda Åkerberg

Could this be a new pivotal moment in blues/rock music history? Only time will tell us, as I get the chance to listen to the new EP ‘Devil Man‘ that will be released by the band on the 18th of October 2013.

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The first track on this new release is called  ‘Devil Man‘. Now I’d always thought that British female singer Sam Brown had the most brilliant of blues singing voice’s ever, but when Swedish sensation Elin Larsson delivers the opening lines to this song, a just amazing and perhaps more unbelievably powerful clear toned sound emits from such a delicate frame. She is then followed by the rest of the band breaking into a cacophony of abstract blues rock riff’s expertly choreographed to bring us a classic sounding hit. What is also really great and can be heard in this song is the passion and aggression needed to make this track a real winner.
The River‘, brings to the EP a melodical blues style tune that Eric Clapton, John Mayall or even Garry Moore might have loved to have written and played. As for Blues Pills own guitarist French born Dorian Sorriaux , well I can only describe him as an ‘alchemist’ of modern proportions. The Edward Scissor Hands of lead guitarists, using his magical plectrum to bring together the many sounds and twists of the blues back to life once more on all these tracks.


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Time Is Now‘ Blast’s out from the EP with a great bass rhythm from American brothers Cory Berry on drums and Zack Anderson, bass. Dorian still doing his best to burst your ear drums and the dynamic lead singer Elin sings with a voice so loud i’m sure she could bring down mountains! A good song with good lyrics, but for me to be honest I just love to hear the sounds that this group of young people are making come to life and helps to give me spine tingles.


The final song is titled ‘Dig In‘, by slowing down the pace of things a bit, it effortlessly glides you into a chilled out feeling of peace and tranquility. The image in my own mind is of watching this band playing in a smoke filled room in black and white, while all around sit on bean bags listening to this brilliant blues track. If I didn’t know better, this song could easily have been a hit back in the late 60’s early 70’s. But thankfully for us rock/blues lovers it’s a great modern take on an old theme and done with such style and a respect for how things used to be done.




Band Members……..
Elin Larsson – Vocals
Cory Berry – Drums
Dorian Sorriaux – Guitar
Zack Anderson – Bass




Record label………..

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