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On 24 May 2020
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Release date: 29/05/20.
Running length: 42mins 13secs.
Brutal class. Technical class. Musical class.

Glaswegian Grindsters Bleed From Within return with their fifth full length album and my lord what a scorcher. Imagine a mixture of Linkin Park, Slayer, Pantera and several others that I can’t quite think of their names right now, and this is Bleed From Within.

Opener ‘The End Of All We Know ‘ is the perfect start to an album. Four minutes of assault and technical excellence mixed with a melodic chorus, this track does not give you time to breath and it finishes at exactly the right time to finish an opener. Not too early, not too late. Lovely. Watch this devastating track on the video link above.

Pathfinder ‘ is another brutal encounter and it’s plain to me that Bleed From Within are not letting up here today. Watch out for this track’s mid section. Perfection.

Bleed From Within pride themselves on mosh pit frenzy riffs, that’s totally clear here. Every now and again I suddenly realise how much my head is nodding up and down, as it is now during ‘Into Nothing ‘. A slightly slower affair and probably ‘single’ material. Lots of depth in this track. The double bass work of Ali Richardson has to be mentioned here too. I’m not too keen on the fade out though unfortunately.

Fall Away ‘ reminds me of the AnthraxAmong The Living ‘ era. A little faster, obviously, but similar in sound and guitar style never-the-less. The album title track has a beautiful beginning that develops into a chorus renowned in this album so far. The technical skill involved by all members also needs to be mentioned. It sometimes get’s overlooked because the songs are so, so good.

The formula remains for the whole of this album. No reason to change. ‘Ascend ‘  needs particular attention as this track totally annihilates speed in every sense. Check out the ending to this one. Stunning. As is both ‘Utopia ‘ and ‘A Depth that No One Dares ‘. Burning anger in the former with thunderous double bass drum work, and a hint of late 80’s metal, where the latter delivers an album closer full of passion and prowess.

This truly is an amazing album. I cannot comprehend at this moment how mad it will be in the mosh pit at one of Bleed From Within‘s gigs. Can’t wait…………..


Track Listing:

1 – The End Of All We Know   2 – Pathfinder   3 – Into Nothing   4 – Fall Away   5 –  Fracture   6 – Night Crossing

7 – For All To See   8 – Ascend   9 – Utopia   10 – A Depth That No One Dares


Scott Kennedy – Vocals   /   Ali Richardson – Drums   /   Craig ‘Goonzi’ Gowans – Guitar

Steven Jones – Guitar Davie Provan – Bass


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Release date: 29/05/20. Running length: 42mins 13secs. Brutal class. Technical class. Musical class.

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