Blasphemist – Shadowtorned World.

From their beginnings as Zodiac in Furstenfeld,Austria,the signing to Noisehead Records earlier in 2011 prompted a name change to Blasphemist to fit a new musical direction.The 6 piece band play technical/melodic/death metal and considering this is their debut album,they now have an arsenal of excellent material for future gigs.
Considering their oldest member is only 23,Blasphemist compose with a maturity that belies their youth.Shadowtorned World was recorded this summer and produced by Mario Jezik and is due for release via Noisehead Records on Nov.4th 2011.Equinox kicks off the album with acoustic guitars that brought to mind Courvoisier Concerto by MSG until the heavy riffage heralds the fast and furious Silent Shore which sets the standard for the rest album.Vocals from Stefan Rindler and Moritz Pollinger bark and scream over an avalanche of drums and the heavy riffing/harmonic guitars of Alexander Lackner and Michael Ibar with some fine harmonic work feature on the 10 tracks here.The only let up in pace is my highlight of the album,Red To The Sky which reminded me of classic Raging Speedhorn.
Blasphemist line up:-
Stefan Rindler-Vocals.
Moritz Polllinger-Vocals.
Alexander Lackner-Guitars.
Michael Ibar-Guitars.
Lukas Rappitsch-Bass.
Florian Plochel-Drums.

Shadowtorned World track listing:-

Silent Shore.
Red To The Sky.
Painters And Poets.
Tides Equal Rebellion.
Shadowtorned World.
These Darkened Signs.
Where No One Stood Before.

I award the album 8.5/10                                                                                                                                                                                    

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