Black Succubi – Eye of the beholder

Black Succubi - Eye of the beholderDanish band Black Succubi was formed in 2005 in Copenhagen.  Following the release of the debut EP and some lineup changes, the band released their self-titled debut album in 2008.  Following more lineup changes, the band started to record their second album in 2012, and now in late 2013 it has been finished and released.

This is definitely a case where the band name is misleading.  My assumption was that this was going to be a black metal or death metal band, and the album cover certainly reinforced this opinion, but once I hit play and started to listen to the album it quickly became clear that this is nothing like black or death metal – in fact it’s more hard rock/melodic rock.  I can see the name and artwork putting some people off, so it’s certainly an odd choice.

Moving on to the music, it’s fairly average stuff with nothing really stunning to grab the listeners attention, and is the sort of thing that you can happily listen to and enjoy, but an hour later you’d struggle to remember a single song.  There is some very good music here – the best track being “Retribution revolution” but the vocals were slightly disappointing – competent but nothing special.

That’s the problem with this release – it’s good but not good enough to stand out from the thousands of other similar bands around.

Track listing:

1. Eye of the beholder
2. Lullaby
3. Retribution revolution
4. Time for goodbyes
5. Until you sleep
6. Dream little dreamer
7. I will survive
8. Into the night
9. Count your blessings
10. Strangest place
11. Succubi dreaming
12. Sin of man
13. Eye of the beholder II

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