Biotoxic Warfare release title track of new album

Greek thrashers Biotoxic Warfare have issued the title track to their forthcoming debut album, ‘Lobotomized’, as a single:

‘Lobotomized’ is released this coming Monday (January 19)  via Slaney Records.  The band have this to say about the album:

“The sound of ‘Lobotomized’ is mostly influenced by the European Thrash Metal scene (Kreator, Sodom) with a mix of old school American Death Metal (Obituary, Death, Morbid Angel). It also combines dark melodies, shredding guitar solos, technical riffing and many well-combined fragments of the whole extreme metal spectrum.

“Lyrically the album opposes strictly to any religious fanatics and cults who use their lies to control every human being with ambitions to reign upon arrogance and false reality created by religions worldwide since the dawn of time. The lyrics call the people to rise against their oppressors, stand out for what they believe and break the chains that bond both mind and soul.”

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