Before The Dawn – Rise Of The Pheonix

Back in 1999, Tuomas Saukkonen started a new metal project, BEFORE THE DAWN was born. The following decade produced 3 demos, 5 full length albums, 1 DVD and 2 mini albums.

BEFORE THE DAWN as it was ended on the 25th of June 2011, after the gig at the Nummirock festival, Lars Eikind (bass/clean vocals) and Atte Palokangas (drums) left the band. A mutual decision based on personal (Lars) and musical disagreements (Atte). Despite that, band leader and songwriter Tuomas Saukkonen and lead guitarist Juho Räihä have been the main force of the band’s sound since the “Deadlight” album with Tuomas handling the music and production and Juho working behind the mixing desk in the studio. Their teamwork has produced a high musical and production quality in the music – this tradition will be maintained, as Tuomas promises: “Current changes were difficult and unfortunate but still inevitable and necessary so that the band could continue and release the 7th album stronger than ever!”

After the European “Rebirth” tour in November 2011 BEFORE THE DAWN returned to the studio with new members Pyry Hanski on bass and Joonas Kauppinen on drums to record the 7th album, “Rise Of The Phoenix”. Considering what had happened, they couldn’t have chosen a better title. This album takes the band closer to melodic death metal. The gothic influences will be part of the band’s history.


Rating 8/10



01. Exordium

02. Pitch-Black Universe

03. Phoenix Rising

04. Cross To Bear

05. Throne Of Ice

06. Perfect Storm

07. Fallen World

08. Eclipse

09. Closure


Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Date: 27.04.2012


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