Be a Part of History as SHATTERED SUN traverse the “Road To California”

Up-and-coming heavy metal trailblazers and recent Breaking Bands LLC signing SHATTERED SUN recently announced a record label showcase and press day, as well as an upcoming performance with hard rock legends Skid Row at The Whisky on May 17, 2014.Shattered Sun

The band has been working hard towards their dream of taking over the metal world, but they need assistance from friends and fans in order to make that dream a reality. Therefore, the band has kicked off a new IndieGoGo campaign, dubbed “Road To California”.

This campaign will help raise money to fund SHATTERED SUN’s overall travel expenses. Awesome incentives for pledges include a personalized thank you video, a special drumhead package, a private jam session with a BBQ cookout, and even a travel-a-long to California option!

Pledge and watch a personal fan outreach video here:

Earlier this week, SHATTERED SUN and Loudwire premiered a brand new track entitled ‘Hope Within Hatred’. The track portrays that even within moments of negativity and oppression, one can find the positive and make their own way. Listen here!

‘Hope Within Hatred’, as well as SHATTERED SUN’s entire upcoming album, is produced by Robert Beltran of Precision Studio, LLC in Corpus Christi, TX. In addition to production from Robert, SHATTERED SUN also credits Spineshank guitarist Mike Sarkisyan with assisting with pre-production duties and general consultation.

SHATTERED SUN boasts a potent mix of heavy thrash and melodic metal— featuring impressive guitar riffs, gripping vocals, memorable hooks, and a magnetic, raw appeal that allows them to create truly unforgettable music. The band offers a consistently brutal sound, but succeeds in bringing a riveting melodic touch to each track. SHATTERED SUN executes a truly exhilarating live show by bringing enormous amounts of force and energy to any and every venue they perform at. The band has effectively honed their performance craft based on their advanced ability to understand what their audience is truly craving in a live show.

This is only the beginning for SHATTERED SUN!

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