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Bad Company

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On 27 April 2014
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Interesting, and at the same time frustrating due to its lack of depth into the whole history of the band.

BadCo AD for Metal_NEW_Hires.inddOne of the most acclaimed bands in rock, Bad Company, celebrate an incredible 40 years of rock ‘n’ roll with the release of their official 40th anniversary DVD documentary directed by Jon Brewer.
Formed in 1973, Bad Company originally consisted of Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Boz Burrell, and Simon Kirke and was managed by legendary manager of Led Zeppelin Peter Grant. In a career that has seen them release an incredible twelve studio, two compilation and four live albums, six have been certified platinum/multi-platinum and eight Gold in the US and UK, with top 10 albums and singles worldwide. The DVD is available as a Classic Rock Collector’s Pack and also a standalone DVD.
I had just the dvd to review, which is a shame, as I feel I could have got a lot more out of the dvd with the accompanying 132 magazine.
This documentary was filmed over 3 years on the road and is surprisingly the only fully authorized documentary film to be made on this iconic Rock and Roll band.
Director John Brewer wastes no time in getting down to the nitty gritty, I was half expecting a re-hash of old news reel items, newspaper clippings and story’s about the band by the man who owns the paper shop Paul shopped in, twice.
Instead what we get is the three remaining members of Bad Co., Rodgers, Ralphs and Kirke (Burrell sadly passed away in 2006), who are interviewed in a variety of situations, either alone or sometimes together spread out over different locations and time zones.
They quite happily discuss how the band formed, how the chemistry they had generated into the classic songs they wrote and then eventually, how it all slowly fell apart.
There is a great deal of short vintage live and studio performance clips, as well as some arty still shots designed to convey what a great live act they were.
All in all this is a very engaging story told with skill by Brewer, however the dvd as a whole only gets a 3/5 from me, for the glaring ommission of the excellent non-Rodgers Bad Company years with Brian Howe and then Robert Hart at the microphone, which are almost completely ignored by all concerned even though this version of Bad Company released six albums, the same as the classic Rodgers and Co. line up managed.
Whether Brewer was under orders we will never know, which is a real shame, as you then begin to wonder what other skeletons in the closet the band may have.

Out to buy now, the limited edition pack includes the brand new DVD documentary movie directed by Jon Brewer – Bad Company: The Official Authorised 40th Anniversary Documentary. Featuring live concert footage, TV performances and unplugged versions of the band’s classics Feel Like Makin’ Love, Shooting Star and their anthem Bad Company. The collector’s pack will also come with a 132-page magazine that has been produced with the full cooperation of the band and offers an insightful retrospective look through the bands incredibly vibrant and successful past.

The collector’s pack will include:
•100% official DVD documentary directed by Jon Brewer
•132 page magazine
•Collectable art cards

The 132-page magazine includes:
•Brand new exclusive interviews with all three surviving original Bad Company members: singer Paul Rodgers, guitarist Mick Ralphs, and drummer Simon Kirke
•An exclusive celebratory memorial to their late bass player, Boz Burrell, including interviews with his wife, Cathy, godson, Mike Patto Junior and those musicians and friends that knew Boz best
•An exclusive interview with Jon Brewer
•Hundreds of rare and previously unseen pictures from the bands 1970’s heyday
•Exclusive inside features on their legendary manager Peter Grant
•Every album reviewed
•The ultimate BadCompany Jukebox!
•Eye-witness accounts of their major US tours
•Inside the studio with the band

April will then see the DVD released as a stand alone by Universal Music.

Interesting, and at the same time frustrating due to its lack of depth into the whole history of the band.

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