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Avatar – Belfast, Oh Yeah Centre 12/06/2014

Avatar - Oh Yeah Centre Belfast- 12-06-2014

While circuses may fascinate many – either in terms of the tongue-in-cheek grotesquery of the ‘carny’ or the slapstick farce of clowns chucking water over each other – personally I’ve never quite seen the attraction.  They’re often facile and meaningless – and those which inflict needless cruelty on animals just …

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Baleful Creed – Belfast, Voodoo 13/06/2014

Rape Crisis Centre gig poster

For those of a superstitious mien, Friday the 13th is not exactly a lucky talisman – and so it proves, at least partially, for the organizers of this charity fundraiser gig (in aid of the hugely-underfunded Belfast Rape Crisis Centre) as, despite huge advance marketing and PR campaigns, other mitigating …

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Dot Legacy – ‘Dot Legacy’

Dot Legacy Album Artwork

One of a reviewer’s favourite dreams – and, in equal measure, worst nightmares – is to occasionally stumble across a band who are difficult, if not downright impossible, to categorize. Such an outfit are Parisien quartet Dot Legacy, and this eclectic self-titled debut, which veers between post-rock synchopation, stoner, ambient …

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Black Gremlin – ‘ Rock And Raw’

Black Gremlin Artwork

This debut album from upstart Italians Black Gremlin certainly lives up to its name, in that it’s raw – not surprising, since the quartet recorded its seven songs live in one day, and using a traditional 8-track reel-to-reel tape deck. The result is a heady little collection of songs that …

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Baleful Creed – ‘Baleful Creed’

Baleful Creed Album Artwork

One of the hardest working bands on the Northern Ireland scene, this debut full-length album from Baleful Creed is actually an amalgamation of the quartet’s three previous EPs bound together in one package. BC’s stoner-edged doom sound is very much rooted in the foundation of Black Sabbath – something for …

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Tesla – ‘Simplicity’


It’s an unwritten rule that reviewers are not supposed to talk personally or write in the same mien, but I am sure our dear PM readers will indulge this writer in a touch of reminisence… I remember well the first time I heard Tesla:  I was just over a hear …

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Coldwar – ‘Pantheist’


Dublin’s Coldwar are a band who are not easy to like.  But, that’s the point:  they don’t want to be the sort of band that people ‘like’:  they want to be reviled, repulsed, exorcised.  They are confrontational and uncompromising.  They are in your face.  And they ram their (anti-)message down …

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Astralnaut – ‘Thieves, Beggars & Swine’

Astralnaut - Thieves EP Artwork

Armagh-based ten-legged groove machine Astralnaut have been kicking up dust – sometimes quite literally – on the Irish scene, both north and south of the border, for around about two and a half years now, particularly with their fiery and intense live shows, which have been consistently levelling venues with …

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AeSect – Belfast 24/05/2014

Earlier this month, Dublin metallians AeSect made fans north of the Irish border sit up and take notice with their hugely impressive Belfast debut (reviewed at Afterwards, PlanetMosh took the opportunity to grab a chat with frontman Shane Kiernan to get the gen on the band’s story to date …

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Lionize – ‘Jetpack Soundtrack’

Lionize - Jetpack Soundtrack Artwork

The music business is a bit like politics, in that it is incestuous and often works on the basis of “it’s who you know not…” etc.  Take the example of Weathermaker Music, for example:  until now, every release issued by the label has had a direct link to Clutch (the …

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Dare – Belfast, Limelight 2 16/05/2014

Dare - Darren Wharton - Live in Belfast

Over the past three decades or so, Darren Wharton has been a regular visitor to these shores, both as a member of Thin Lizzy – into whose ranks he was recruited, at the tender age of 17, by the late, great Phil Lynott, and with whom he remained until the …

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Dare – Interview with Darren Wharton

Dare - Darren Wharton

Perhaps best known to a certain generation as the keyboard player with Irish brawl ‘n’ roll legends Thin Lizzy, Darren Wharton simultaneously has pursued a successful career with his own band Dare. With his commitments to what many may argue as being the “tribute” version of Lizzy, Wharton has had …

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Killface – Interview

Derek Brady - Killface

Dubliners Killface have been kicking up dust on the Irish scene for quite a few years now, and even more so since the release of their acclaimed debut album, ‘Feeding The Dead’, at the end of last year. Having ventured south of the border recently to find out what all …

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Overoth – exclusive PlanetMosh interview

Overoth band photo

Northern Irish death metallers Overoth have been somewhat quiet of late.  They’ve been secreted away writing material for their forthcoming third album, which the band themselves admit is their most ambitious yet… PlanetMosh sat down with guitarist Daniel before their recent ‘comeback’ show to discuss the project and find out …

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Mekong Delta – ‘In A Mirror Darkly’

Mekong Delta - In A Mirror Darkly Artwork

For nigh on approaching 30 years, Mekong Delta progenitor and leader Ralph Hubert has not been afraid to explore the interconnections between classical music and extreme metal in a way in which has not been attempted since the first wave of overblown prog rock bands away back in the early …

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Triggerman to release new EP

Triggerman by Marc Leach Photography

Northern Irish eight-legged groove monsters Triggerman are to release a new three-track EP at the beginning of June. The rather enigmatically named ‘Origins, Lost Travellers & Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven’ was once again recorded at Einstein Studios, and will be released on June 2. The release – the follow up …

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