Atropas Release The Official Music Video For “Take Me Home”


Swiss modern metal act Atropas has released the official music video for the song “Take Me Home” taken from their upcoming album “Episodes of Solitude” (out in September).



Statement from the band:

“We put our hearts, souls, our minds, blood, sweat and tears, our love and every possible emotion into this new record.

We could not be happier to present to you our new video for “Take Me Home”. Thanks go to Peter Balicki and Steve Noi of Content Park for filming this and thanks to Maxim Ritzi for editing the living hell out of the footage, we couldn’t be happier with the results. This song is about all of you who have always made us feel welcomed, loved and appreciated. You gave us everything we’ve achieved and now it’s time for us to give back to you: This song is for you! Thank you for taking us home. Here’s to going onwards and upwards! We love you and hope you enjoy the new song”



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