Astralnaut – In the Gaze of the Gods

Astralnaut are from the dark wet plains of Northern Ireland and trade in big riffs.Formed in late 2011 the band have been gigging the length and breadth of the Island dishing out their brand of Stoner rock which is influenced by the likes of Down, AIC, Solace and even a touch of Deftones. Opening Track “Arab Spring” has a groove and grunt that grabs the throat and just doesn’t let go. The guitars and bass work well together with both being given even placing in the mix and the vocals lying somewhere in the Layne Staley to Phil Anselmo ranges. “The Hallion” has a darker atmosphere and highlights the band‘s ability to effortlessly switch between tempos, the middle section is underpinned by a filthy bass with a slow dirge and a screaming solo before the full artillery is unleashed into a pummelling tom section. “The Oath” is bluesier workout and comes across as the most mellow track on the EP and gives the vocalist a real chance to spread his wings. This is the highest quality stoner doom rock/metal you will find on this Island up there with Two Tales of Woe. Astralnaut have launched a work that will appeal to the hard rock fans and the extreme metal fans on the island, which is a very hard gap to bridge. The Production is superb and there is no reason why this EP cannot give them a foot up to the next level.


1.Arab Spring
2.Emerald Lord of Pleasure
3.The Hallion
4.The Oath
5.Urban Brawl

Band Members
Thomas Mallon – Vocals
Gaz Treanor – Lead Guitar
Jon Joe Harrison – Bass
Stephen Todd – Drums
Pearse Donnelly – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals

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