Arthemis Review, Hammerfest 4

The heavy thrash metal warriors Arthemis make an appearance at Hammerfest 2012, with new to the family drummer Paul Grinder. Their set varies from their latest album ‘Hereos’ to revealing a few new songs that give us a taste of what their new album will be like when released later this year.They kick off ‘Scars Scars’ and retrieve a warm welcome from their fans. The venue start filling up nicely as people became intrigued to their pounding beats, thunderous riffs and their overall loudness. They have cleverly infused influences from 70s heavy metal from Deep Purple to Black Sabbath and 80s thrash metal from Megadeath to Metallica.

Fabio’s vigorous soaring vocals suit the band well. Guitarist Andrea proves his showmanship with his complex technicality skills that is back from a fiery rhythm coming from bass player Damian.

Coming in with their new song ‘Metal Hammer’ went down extremely well. There was a lot more focus on aggression in the fast tempo and a killer groove. Following through into a cover of an absolute classic ‘Burn’ by Deep Purple. Fabio got everyone involved with the lyrics and the crowd was just screaming with excitement. Arthemis added their own personal touch to the cover giving it a modern edge.

Fabio had complete control over the audience and giving them just want they wanted back. Arthemis finished with ‘Mr Evil’ and ‘Vortex’. Arthemis proved to the UK just how metal Italy is, it was one hell of a show, look forward to the next.







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