Annotations of An Autopsy – Wrexham’s Central Station 22/06/2011

Welcome to Central Station presenting Annotations of An Autopsy

Opening up tonight’s proceedings are local upstarts Impaled Existence.

With sounds similar to Whitechapple, I E set about the task of warming the crowd tonight on this hardcore metal bill.

Setting about in the manor that you are accustomed to these local lads make short work of getting the crowd going with there own brand of progressive death metal.

Traditional beatdowns coupled with metalcore vocals are the order of the day.

Highlight of the set: 1000 Armies Strong

* * *

Following on we have Manchester based Ingested

Featuring former members of Annotations, this Manchester based “slam” style deathcore band are punching well above there weight limit thanks mainly to the critical acclaim that their debut album “Surpassing The Boundaries of Human Suffering” received from main stream magazines such as Terrorrizer, Metal Hammer and Kerrang!

Tonights set is one of brutality with breakneck breakdowns, crunching riffs and the trade mark vocals of singer Jay Evans.

Highlight of the set: the duet with Mathew Jones of Marthyr Defiled.

* * *

Martyr Defiled take to the stage next fully capitalising upon the memento gathered by the previous two bands.

MD are a band whose name is being thrown around a lot lately as they are fast approaching the point where they will breakthrough into the mainstream circuit of the alternative side of metal.

Tonight’s set was one of pure brutality more than justifying the hype which is following them from show to show.

* * *

Ending tonight’s show are Annotations of An Autopsy

What can be said that has not already been said about this powerhouse of a band – pure fucking brutality is the only thing that springs to mind.

From the opening song AOAAs set gets more and more energised leading to all out scenes of anarchy ending in a huge stage invasion after Steve Regan invited members of the crowd up on stage to share vocals with him.

Highlight of the set Ten Tonne Hammer

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