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On 14 September 2015
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Suicide Society, the 15th studio album from old school thrashers Annihilator shows them once again in unstoppable form.

Artwork for Suicide Society by AnnihilatorA major line up change in late 2014 saw long standing lead vocalist/guitarist Dave Padden leave Annihilator but after forming the band in 1984, Jeff Waters soldiers on taking vocal duties himself as well as delivering his usual breathtaking lead guitar work. Suicide Society once again proves the influence he has had on so many thrash metal bands over the years with an array of riffs, solos and fills on their 15th studio album to be released on Sept. 15th via UDR Music.

The title track kicks things off with a brief rant of “suicide society, we’ve all gone bloody mad” as Jeff’s snarled vocal continues with a political rant over a crunching main riff with a surprisingly catchy chorus as a brief increase in tempo precedes his trademark over the top solos. Follower ‘My Revenge’  hurtles along in the vein of ‘Curse The Gods’ by Destruction. A melodic mid section is the calm before the storm solo drenched foot to the floor finish.

‘Snap’ is an intense ballad like epic with headbanging inducing riffing breaking up an almost spoken word lyric. ‘Creepin Again’ is a hammer blow slammer with fret burning shimmering solos  The breakneck thrash of ‘Narcotic Avenue’ is powered along by fast footed drumming from Mike Harshaw. ‘Break, Enter’ is a sure fire pit opener as its riffs shift from a grind to 100mph buzzsaw overdrive with yet more face melting solos. Unbelievably it is surpassed by another rager called ‘Death Scent’, as it throws the rule book out of the window with outrageous riffing/soloing throughout this mid paced mauler.

The album takes a gulp of air as it closes with the pensive ‘Every Minute’. A soul searching vocal builds into melodic heavy metal grooves. A strong finish to another classic Annihilator release who are set to start their ‘Europe In The Blood’ 2015 tour on Sept. 30th, finishing in Russia on Nov. 11th.

Annihilator band line up:

Jeff Waters – Lead vocals/lead guitar.

Mike Harshaw – Drums.

Oscar Rangel – Bass guitar.

Aaron Homma – Guitar.

Album track listing :-

Suicide Society.

My Revenge.


Creepin Again.

Narcotic Avenue.

The One You Serve.

Break, Enter.

Death Scent.

Every Minute.





Suicide Society, the 15th studio album from old school thrashers Annihilator shows them once again in unstoppable form.

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