Angelus Apatrida – The Call

‘The Call’ is released on 30th April 2012 via Century Media. Do they live up to their reputation?  as previously promoted with the introductory slogan “the most promising and threatening Metal band from Spain!” when Century Media first launched the band internationally in the turn of 2009/2010, it indeed became a busy period for Angelus Apatrida ever since the release of their previous album, “Clockwork”.  

From the opening chords of ‘You Are Next’ then ‘At The Gates Of Hell’ you know that Angelus Apatrida aren’t holding anything back. They serve up a bombard meant of beats, scourging vocals along with technical, yet not over complicated riffs, that are there to canker your senses. This keeps up until the start of ‘Blood On The Snow’ who’s intro is slow and melodic before striking right back at you.

My favourite track is ‘Killer Instinct’ delivers a powerful punch as well as neck breaking groove. ‘Reborn’ at over 7 minutes long it’s the longest track on the album. The start of the track whips up the normal frenzy however about halfway through it slow down to some gorgeous and unexpected melodic break with stunning guitar solos before going back to its roots and finishing the album off.

The Call’ is a well produced, structured  thrash album. It highlight s how they have matured since their last album ‘Clockwork’ was released, It’s jam packed full of  brutal barrage of riffs, blistering base lines, foot stomping beats and defined vocals, that would keep the old school and modern thrashers heads banging hard. It’s catchy and divergence tracks are hard to turn off once you start listening to it!

Rating 9/10

Track Listing:

1. You Are Next

2. At The Gates Of Hell

3. Violent Dawn

4. It’s Rising!

5. Blood On The Snow

6. Killer Instinct

7. The Hope Is Gone

8. Fresh Pleasure

9. Still Corrupt

10. Reborn



Guillermo Izquierdo – Vocals & Lead/Rhythm Guitars

David G. Álvarez – Lead & Rhythm Guitars

José J. Izquierdo – Bass Guitar

Víctor Valera – Drums




Official Video forYou Are Next’



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