AMIGO THE DEVIL: ‘Once Upon A Time At Texaco Pt. 1- new single

Acclaimed US singer-songwriter Amigo The Devil (aka Danny Kiranos) has today released a single entitled ‘Once Upon A Time At Texaco Pt 1’, the third to be lifted from his upcoming new studio album, ‘Yours Until The War Is Over’.

Echoing the timbre of a raucous bar chant, ‘Once Upon A Time At Texaco Pt. 1’ sees ATD relate a Coen brothers-esque narrative of an unhinged robbery gone wrong, weaving a tragicomic tale in his own inimitable style that includes Cher lyrics and magician jokes, along with a touch of murder.


I’m guessing that you all feel like a hostage
But I’m sure it feels nice to be held

 “When I write stories, I usually visualise the scenery and atmosphere of it before analysing the words or circumstances,” states ATD of his songwriting process. “Most of those initial instincts with colour and temperament directly relate to how the concept of the physical music that’s written up to that point makes me feel. I remember the initial lead banjo line for this song was the first part written and I kept thinking that it was genuinely fun but dry and completely unpredictable. None of it has to make sense at that moment, it just has to be accepted for what it is. After that part is dialled, the story writes itself if you let it. I think the end result is incredibly indicative of those initial reactions within.”

‘Once Upon A Time At Texaco Pt. 1’ was leaked to fans early when ATD shared a YouTube TV ad HERE for his previous single ‘The Mechanic’, in which he plays a washed-up mechanic who directs viewers to a phone number for help. Those who picked up on it rang the number and heard a voicemail directing them to a secret lyric video for the new single HERE

AMIGO THE DEVIL | 2023 self-portrait

‘Yours Until The War Is Over’ contains ATD’s most disarming and inspired collection of songs to date. His third studio album, it is the first to be entirely recorded, produced and engineered in-house. Kiranos’ new songs serve as cinematic vignettes that thread together stories of the human condition, trauma bonding and the method of using relationships for survival, whether by addiction, doubt, death, or narcissism. All heart with no boundaries, this is an album to be experienced from beginning to end in order to recognise the perspective it offers.

The album title is a reference to the love affair between Ernest Hemingway and his nurse Agnes von Kurowsky in the closing months of World War I, a (trauma) bond that developed after the future novelist was severely wounded in Italy just after becoming a Red Cross volunteer at the age of 18. She would sometimes end her love letters by writing “Yours until the war is over,” a sign-off that proved prophetic. Her ultimate rejection devastated and scarred him.

The release of the album coincides with extensive US touring that includes treks with Flogging Molly (Feb/Mar) and Frank Turner (May/Jun). ATD will return to the UK to play the 2000 Trees Festival in Cheltenham in July as well as other TBA dates in the UK and throughout Europe.

AMIGO THE DEVIL | Yours Until The War Is Over artwork: painting by Joan Lalucat

1  Hanging By The Roots
2  It’s All Gone
3  I’m Going To Heaven
4  The Mechanic
5  One Upon A Time At Texaco Pt. 1
6  Barrel And Staghorn
7  Agnes
8  Cannibal Within
9  Garden Of Leaving
10  Virtue And Vitriol
11  One Day At A Time
12  Stray Dog
13  Closer


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