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On 12 May 2014
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Alien have produced an album chock full of glorious harmonies, great chorus lines, everything that is great about AOR

AlienEternity-296x300The first Alien album (self-titled, 1988) is considered an AOR classic and I was fortunate to buy it on Import from Powercuts Records in Manchester. However the band’s career took a bit of a nosedive after that album, several line-up changes and albums of poor quality songs and production consigned the Alien name to the AOR has been’s history books.
Tony Borg and Jim Jidhed reformed Alien back in 2005 and released “Dark Eyes” with all new members and released their strongest album since their 1988 debut.
Another line-up change in 2010 had Borg and Jidhed once again join forces together with the original line-up including Ken Sandin, Jimmy Wandroph, Toby Tarrach. This line-up made a triumphant comeback at the Firefest festival in Nottingham, which I was fortunate to see, they went down so well they got invited back last year.
So finally, we have a new Alien album, Eternity.
First track and first single from the album ‘In Love We Trust’ opens this opus up, the sound is classic Alien, the drums are a lot less produced, while the keyboards deliver a modern sound. I did breathe a sigh of relief as I finally hear Jim Jidhed singing, he hasn’t lost any power or range and this track sounds great.
Everything about this release is great, especially the songwriting, in fact Eternity is quickly turning into my favorite Alien album ever.
There are no real surprises on here, though what you get are 12 first class quality tracks that are head and shoulders above a lot of stuff out there at the moment.
‘I Believe‘is the first of this albums power ballads, it do follow a formula and can become predictable at times, but is still very good.
‘Love Will Lead Me Home’ is an immediate favorite, while the guitar driven slightly heavier ‘Wildheart’ and especially “Liar, Liar” are both great uptempo tracks with a strong chorus line.

“I’m A Fighter”, the one song written by Pam Barlow and Janet Morrison Minto who co-wrote much of the first album is a bit of a disappointment compared to the rest of the tracks on here, but it is still good, just not great.
Alien have produced an album chock full of glorious harmonies, great chorus lines and Tony Borg’s guitar work on this is highly melodic while Toby Tarrach’s keyboards are upfront in the mix on many of these songs, with the drums being thankfully kept in check.

Jim Jidhed – vocals
Tony Borg – guitars
Jimmy Wandroph – keyboards
Ken Sandin – bass
Toby Tarrach – drums

Track List:
01. In Love We Trust
02. Unbroken
03. Love Will Lead Me Home
04. I Believe
05. Summer Of Love
06. What Goes Up
07. I’m A Fighter
08. Wildheart
09. Liar, Liar
10. Look At Us Now
11. Burning Heart
12. In Truth

Label: AOR Heaven


Alien have produced an album chock full of glorious harmonies, great chorus lines, everything that is great about AOR

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